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230 years of history with a future

We started life more than two centuries ago in central Lisbon’s historic Chiado district. Our first store soon gained a unique reputation in the capital thanks to the range of its wares. It then evolved into a top-end grocer, serving the Portuguese royal household.

Two hundred and thirty years on, the Group continues to reinvent itself, still young at heart, curious, ambitious, never resting on our laurels and constantly looking for new challenges.

1792: Founding year

50th largest retailer in the world

Source: “Global Powers Of Retailing” | Deloitte (2021)

Still young after 230 years

With more than 120 thousand employees, we are an international Group based in Portugal. Our largest business is Biedronka, Poland’s leading food retailer and one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe. In addition to Portugal, where our main brands are Pingo Doce and Recheio, we are also in Colombia with the Ara chain.

We are one of the 50 largest food retail groups in the world, and our turnover is around 20 billion euros a year.

> 4,600 food stores

> 120,000 employees

A story whose ending is never in sight

Our main business area is food. And, at a time of significant global challenges, we know what we are talking about when we stress the crucial importance, for everything we hold dear, of preserving the environment. Our very survival as an organisation depends on the precious resources that the planet gives us.

We’re doing our bit. At the end of 2021, the Jerónimo Martins Group was given top grades by CDP Climate and CDP Water, recognising the serious and consistent work we have been doing in the field of sustainability. The respect we have shown for compliance with environmental and social criteria has gained us the trust of dozens of analysts, who include the Group in many of the leading international sustainability indexes.

We create value, but not at any price. And our history of 230 years proves that we know how to take a long term view. We are perpetually building our presence in the future.


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