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230 years of first steps

Some first steps take us a long way.
In 1792, a young Jerónimo Martins left his native Galicia to open a small grocery store in the heart of Lisbon.

Two hundred and thirty years later, his name lives on as part of an international Group operating in three countries, on two continents and with over 4,900 stores.

His curious spirit and desire to grow are part of our DNA, which today more than 120,000 employees share.
We took over 10 million steps from Chiado to Greater Bogotá region in Colombia.

May many others take us even further, with the same passion as those who are about to begin the journey.

Institutional Campaign

On the 230th anniversary of the Jerónimo Martins Group, we’ve launched a print, digital and radio campaign. This is an opportunity to take a fresh look at our history and our business.

The portrait of a 230-year-old youngling

With more than 120,000 employees, we are an international group, based in Portugal. Our largest business is Biedronka, Poland’s leading food retailer and one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe. Besides Portugal, where our main brands Pingo Doce and Recheio are located, we are also present in Colombia, through the Ara chain.

We are one of the 50 largest food retail groups in the world and generate sales of around 20 billion euros per year.






Source: Global Powers Of Retailing | Deloitte (2021)



“At Jerónimo Martins, we know who we are, where we come from and where we are going. We are driven by the same values to do better and more every day.”


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bertrand | Jerónimo Martins
Special Edition 230 Years

It was in the Chiado of the 18th century that the history of Jerónimo Martins and of Bertrand first crossed paths. In 1732, the French bookseller Pedro Faure opened a bookshop in Rua Direita do Loreto. Sixty years later, it was Jerónimo Martins’ turn to open his small store.
More than two centuries later, we have launched a commemorative edition of the emblematic Bertrand Almanac to celebrate the 230th anniversary of Jerónimo Martins, which is available for reading in flipbook format (Portuguese only).

Virtual Exhibition
“Fine Groceries and Fans” – The Jerónimo Martins Almanacs

Kept since the beginning of the 19th century, these Almanacs – former price lists of the prestigious Chiado store – feature the premium products supplied to the elite, and their covers reflect the habits and customs of Lisbon society.

Browse this virtual exhibition and learn more about the historical importance of these documents.

Click Enter Exhibition to move freely around the exhibit, using your arrow keys or mouse.
For an automated guided tour, click on Start Guided Tour.

You can click Pause to read the texts in your own time and the “Info” button to find out more about each item on display.


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