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We invest in primary production to ensure the quality and sustainability of our supply chains.
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Jerónimo Martins Agro-Alimentar (JMA) was created in 2014 to support our Food Distribution operation in Portugal. This business area aims at ensuring direct access to the supply sources of strategic products.

Today, JMA operates in three business areas: dairy products (Terra Alegre), Angus beef production and fattening (Best Farmer) and aquaculture (Seaculture).

Terra Alegre

JMA began operations in the dairy sector in 2015, by acquiring the Serraleite factory in Portalegre. In 2018, a new dairy factory was opened for the production of milk, cream and butter, an investment that allowed us to more than double the production capacity of the former plant. We produce the only Private Brand fresh milk available in Portugal for Pingo Doce.

Best Farmer

Best Farmer is dedicated to livestock farming and began operating in 2015 with a farm for the fattening of Angus beef cattle, 100% certified and of national production, in Barcelos (north of Portugal). In 2017, two new farms were purchased, one in Cartaxo and another in Monte do Trigo (Évora), thus expanding the production volume of this quality meat. 70% of animal feed is produced by us or by local partners. All our farms are certified for animal welfare and for responsible antibiotic use.


JMA has aquaculture farms in Sines, on Madeira Island and in Alicante (Spain) for the production of sea bream and sea bass. In December 2017, the first catch took place at the Sines farm, marking the start of supply of sea bass to the Group’s stores in Portugal. Production takes place in open sea, enabling the fish to develop in their natural habitat. Handling is also reduced to a minimum until capture, in order to avoid stressing the fish.

Strategic Partnerships

In 2019, JMA signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Évora to conduct research and support education in its three operating areas:

  • Best Farmer (by integrating trainees from the University) will conduct tests and research in areas such as animal welfare, nutrition and the efficient use of water and energy in agricultural production;
  • Terra Alegre will promote research for the launch of innovative dairy products on the market;
  • Seaculture will give access to the facilities, equipment and materials of the Marine Sciences Laboratory, located in Sines, to aid in analysing fish pathologies and the conducting of research on the preservation of natural and artificial environments.

Sustainable Fishing

We play a part in protecting the future of the fish stocks and oceans, while providing the freshest products to our customers.

Animal Welfare

We seek to prevent unnecessary animal suffering within the goal of bringing the best food quality to our customers.