Where food is more than just a business

The passion for food is something we share every day with the millions of customers who visit our more than 5,400 food stores in Poland, Colombia and Portugal.
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Food Distribution

Food Distribution is our core business and represents more than 98% of consolidated sales. In Portugal, where the Group’s headquarter is, we lead the supermarket segment, through Pingo Doce, and the cash & carry segment, with Recheio.

In addition to supermarkets, Pingo Doce has Comida Fresca restaurants in part of its stores. The Company also has two central kitchens that, in addition to the restaurants, supply the takeaway area at stores.

Recheio operates a chain of cash & carry stores and has been reinforcing its business model with an operation specialised in food service, through dedicated platforms that serve HoReCa customers. Recheio also develops a network of Traditional Retail partners under the Amanhecer banner.

In Poland, where we have been operating since 1995, Biedronka is the undisputed leader in food retail sales. It has a network of more than 3,500 stores that combine proximity locations, assortment quality, reference private brands, store environment and the most competitive prices in the market. Biedronka is also developing a food retail operation in Slovakia.

In Colombia, where we entered in 2013, Ara operates a chain of local food stores, with a strong presence in residential neighbourhoods and a quality positioning at the best price, combining competitiveness with promotional opportunities in key categories for the Colombian consumer.

30,120 M€

As at 31/Dec/2023










Differentiating Food Solutions

Our commitment is to develop high quality, convenient food products and meal solutions at competitive prices. We believe that our food distribution banners stand out for their:

  • 01

    Food Solutions

  • 02

    Competitive prices

  • 03

    Proximity of Locations

  • 04

    Operational Efficiency

  • 05

    Excellence in Perishables

  • 06

    Quality Private Brands


Leader in food distribution and largest employer in Poland, accounts for 70% of our sales.

Pingo Doce

Leader in supermarkets in Portugal, offers quality food solutions at competitive prices.


Proximity stores with a strong presence in residential neighbourhoods and a true very Colombian spirit.


Leader of cash & carry in Portugal, it focus in the Horeca channel and in a network of traditional retail partners.