Where food is more than just a business

A passion for the food business is something we share every day with millions of customers who visit the more than 5,000 food stores we have in Portugal, Poland and Colombia.
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Food Distribution

Food distribution is our core business and represents more than 98% of our consolidated sales. In Portugal, we are leaders in the Supermarket segment through the Pingo Doce chain and in the Cash & Carry segment with Recheio. In Poland, Biedronka is the biggest Food Distribution chain in the country, almost 3,400 stores.

Our presence in Colombia is more recent, as we entered this market in 2013 with the Ara neighbourhood stores, and we are now the sales leader in the Coffee Region. More recently, we entered the Bogotá region – it represents 40% of the country’s GDP and has 14 million inhabitants – and also the Caribbean region.

In 2014, a new area was launched – Agribusiness – which aims to support the Food Distribution area in Portugal, ensuring that our banners have direct access to supply sources of strategic products, such as meat, fish and dairy products.

25,007 M€

As at 31/Dec/2022










Differentiating Food Solutions

Our commitment is to develop high quality, convenient food products and meal solutions at competitive prices. We believe that our food distribution banners stand out for their:

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    Food Solutions

  • 02

    Competitive prices

  • 03

    Proximity of Locations

  • 04

    Operational Efficiency

  • 05

    Excellence in Perishables

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    Quality Private Brands

Pingo Doce

Leader in the supermarket segment in Portugal, it offers high quality products and food solutions at competitive prices.


As the leader in the Food Distribution market in Poland, it is responsible for more than two-thirds of our sales.


Leader in Cash & Carries in Portugal, with more than 45 years of experience in the wholesale sector.


The Ara neighbourhood stores incorporate a Colombian environment, spirit and flavour.