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The best quality at the lowest price

At Biedronka, there’s more than 60 thousand of us working every day to provide the best food solutions for Polish households, at everyday low prices.
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With over 2,800 stores spread throughout the country, we are the undisputed food retail leader in Poland, offering quality, differentiation and innovation in food products, with big discounts every day.

Sales Tickets
1,4 Billion
11,075 M€
Sales Area
1,853,075 Sqm

As of 31/12/2017

What makes us Unique

At Biedronka, we uphold a clear commitment to quality on various levels:


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    Our Prices

    We invest in a policy of everyday low prices, linked to big discounts.

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    Our Products

    We provide more than 1,500 different, high quality Perishable and Non-Perishable products, to address the daily needs of Polish households. Over 90% of the products sold are of Polish origin, supplied by around 500 business partners.

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    Staying Close to our Consumers

    We’re available through 2,823 stores spread across more than 1,000 locations, scattered throughout Poland.

  • 04

    Always improving

    We seek to permanently assess and analyse the operation, looking for areas that can be improved in order to satisfy our consumers.

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    Growing Just for You

    The recognition and trust consumers place in Biedronka encourages us to increase the store network and constantly refine the current ones to provide an ever-better service to the consumer.

Website Biedronka

If you want to find out more, visit the Biedronka website here.