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Polish women’s best ally

We want to be Polish women’s best ally, helping them to be even more beautiful, happy and confident.
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Hebe is a chain of specialised Health and Beauty stores, whose business concept is based on offering high quality services at very competitive prices. The quality of the service is based on the combination of a pleasant store environment with products from renowned brands and specialised advice.

With the slogan “Hebe loves babies”, it also includes an area exclusively dedicated to babies, which includes food products, babycare and accessories, with renowned quality brands, as well as a play area for the little ones.

Apteka Na Zdrowie

The Apteka Na Zdrowie pharmacy network’s points of sale are in Poland, where the consumer can find medicines and skincare products at accessible prices, as well as receive advice from the pharmacy technicians.


More about Hebe

If you want to find out more about our stores, visit the Hebe website here.