We work to win the trust of millions of customers who visit our more than 5,000 food stores every day.
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Company Profile

We are an international Group based in Portugal with over 230 years of know-how in the food business. We address the daily needs of millions of consumers in three countries, through a value proposition based on quality food at competitive prices. Food distribution is our main activity and is worth more than 98% of the Group’s consolidated sales.

Corporate Presentation

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The Polish food store chain Biedronka is our largest business. In Portugal, Pingo Doce is the supermarket segment leader while Recheio leads the cash and carry market. In Colombia, we own the Ara chain of discount stores. We also develop an agribusiness operation in Portugal to ensure direct access to the supply sources of strategic products. In Poland, we own the Hebe beauty store chain.

25,385 M€
Net Profit
590 M€

As at 31/Dec/2022

What We Do

Food Distribution

It is the main business area we operate in Portugal (Pingo Doce and Recheio), Poland (Biedronka) and Colombia (Ara).

Specialised Retail

In Poland, we own the Hebe beauty chain and in Portugal, the Jeronymo coffee shops and Hussel, a network specialised in chocolates and confectionery.


We invest in primary production to ensure the quality and sustainability of our supply chains.

 Where We Are


Ara is the Group's retail chain in Colombia, operating in the form of neighborhood food stores with a focus on both the proximity and strength of its Private Brand products.

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In a market of around 10 million consumers, we are leaders in the Food Distribution area through Pingo Doce, and in the wholesale segment, through Recheio. In specialized retail, we operate the Jeronymo and Hussel stores.

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We are food retail leaders with Biedronka and we also invest in the health and beauty areas, offering quality, differentiation and innovation in the products we sell.

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