We respect the law and human rights and follow the principles of honesty, integrity, diversity and inclusion when conducting our business.
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Ethics and integrity

Our more than two centuries of history says a lot about the responsible and ethical manner in which we pursue our business activities. The trust of customers, employees, suppliers and investors has always played a key role.

Code of Conduct

Credibility and reputation are two assets that must always be valued. That is why we have zero tolerance for corruption or fraud, and we are uncompromising when it comes to any violation of our Code of Conduct, our Anti-Corruption Policy and the rules established in the laws laid down by the European Union and the countries in which we operate.

Anti-Corruption Policy

We do not tolerate any form of corruption by our employees and situations of conflict of interest must be avoided. The Anti-Corruption Policy specifies some of the principles and duties included in the Code of Conduct.

Plan for the Prevention of Corruption Risks and Related Offences

The Plan for the Prevention of Corruption Risks and Related Offences identifies the situations that could lead to risks of corruption and/or related offences in all Group companies operating in Portuguese territory and lists the prevention, detection and mitigation measures that we have implemented to minimise the probability of these risks occurring or their likely impact.


The way we conduct our business is as important to us as the results we achieve and the way we fulfil our mission: to deliver safe, healthy and affordable food products to our customers. That is why we encourage you to report any suspected violation of our Code of Conduct and our Anti-Corruption Policy.

You are encouraged to report any situations that involve conflicts of interest, corruption, influence peddling, fraud, harassment or discrimination through the reporting channels available.

Reports are always handled in an impartial and independent manner, and we ensure privacy and protection against retaliation. Our Whistleblowing Policy sets out the rules we have adopted for receiving, recording and handling reports of wrongdoing.

How to submit a report

  1. Make sure your report contains all the information, details and any documents you consider relevant.
  2. Use the dedicated form to report the situation, identifying the country and company to which the report relates as well as whether it involves an employee, supplier or other party.
  3. The report must be submitted via the dedicated platform, which is managed by an external entity specialised in handling ethical and integrity matters and ensures confidentiality.

Ethics Committee and Ethics Offices

When submitting your report, which you can do using the link below, you will be directed to the site of the Jerónimo Martins Group Ethics Committee.

This Committee is tasked with impartially and independently monitoring disclosure of and compliance with the Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy. Its scope of action covers all companies in the countries where we do business: Portugal, Poland and Colombia.

You may submit your report directly via the Ethics Committee’s website or, if you prefer, at the Ethics Offices of the Group’s companies that have them.