How we run our business

Here we share our vision and strategy for growth in the short, medium and long term.
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Our Approach to Business

“To democratise the access to quality products and food solutions through a strategy geared towards value creation, defined by a philosophy of sustainable development.”

Throughout our long history, a sense of union and a strong team spirit allowed us to withstand difficulties and encouraged us to be increasingly efficient and competent in the development of our business.

With hard work, rigour, independence and innovation, we respond to immediate challenges while responsibly incorporating concerns with both medium and long-term impacts.

Core Competences

Our learnings throughout our history provided us with a solid foundation and a set of competences for the development of our businesses, which are key determinants to our success.

We have managed to establish strong emotional bonds and a sense of belonging with consumers, through our commitment to the quality of the products and services we offer, as well as the overall shopping experience in our stores, thus gaining market leadership.
Business models
We adapt our business models to the markets and consumer trends of the countries where we are present, because: we know our consumers’ needs; our prices are highly competitive; private brands and fresh produce are our main expertise; we keep on innovating.
Focus on efficiency
Operating activities are centred on the continuous improvement of efficiency, productivity, on the exploitation of economies of scale as well as Group synergies and on constant technology updates.
Management capacity
The discipline applied to planning, combined with flexibility in the introduction of permanent adjustments, enable us to set clear priorities which are known and shared across the entire Group.
Our History

The history of the Group started with a young entrepreneur called Jerónimo Martins, who opened a small store in Chiado in 1792

Value Creation

We aim to achieve three strategic objectives based on four guidelines for value creation and four main lines of action.

Strategic Guidelines

Continuous strengthening of the balance sheet

Risk management in asset value preservation

Maximisation of economies of scale and synergies

Promotion of innovation and a pioneering spirit

Strategic Objectives:

  • To achieve and consolidate a leading position in the markets in which it operates
  • To build and develop strong and responsible chains and brands
  • To ensure the balanced growth of its business units in terms of both sales and profitability

Lines of action:

  • Increasing price competitiveness and the value proposition
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Incorporating technology updates
  • Identifying opportunities for profitable growth

Sustainable Development

We seek to manage in a balanced way the relationship between economic prosperity, social development and environmental preservation. Our corporate responsibility policies and practices are built upon five pillars.

Promoting Good Health through Food

Promoting Good Health through Food

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Respecting the Environment

Respecting the Environment

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Sourcing Responsibly

Sourcing Responsibly

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Supporting Surrounding Communities

Supporting Surrounding Communities

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Being a Benchmark Employer

Being a Benchmark Employer

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