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To ensure that this website offers a good browsing experience for all visitors and users, we provide access to users with special needs.

The Jerónimo Martins Group seeks to make its products and services accessible to all, including those with special needs.

We aim to offer users of this website an experience in accordance with international web accessibility best practices. For this reason:

  • We aim to achieve Level AA conformance with WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0) on most pages and, when this is not possible, to ensure at least Level A conformance with these guidelines;
  • In the development of interfaces and content, we adopt the specifications and technologies defined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), namely HTML and CSS.

The current accessibility features of this website include:

  1. Alternative text for images and other non-text content elements;
  2. Title attributes, which provide additional information on links;
  3. Structural markup to identify headings and lists, helping pages to be easily understood;
  4. Association of form elements through labels;
  5. Use of javascript and style sheets to improve the site’s appearance and functionality.

This website’s interface has been optimised for:

  1. The most widely used versions of the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer 11 and above, Firefox and Chrome);
  2. Viewing with a screen resolution of at least 320 pixels width (with “medium” character display size).

Additional Information

TTS (Text-To-Speech System)

The website offers TTS technology, allowing users to listen to page content.

The voice is high quality and this functionality is especially useful for users with vision impairment.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl + to increase font size
  • Ctrl – to decrease font size
  • Ctrl 0 (zero) – to reset font size

Where appropriate, new shortcuts may be developed.

Compatible Viewers

To correctly view the existing documents used on some of the pages, the following program should be installed: Acrobat Reader.

If necessary, it can be downloaded free from the following website:

High Contrast Mode

To display pages in high contrast mode, follow these steps (instructions only valid for Internet Explorer):

  • On the “Tools” menu, click “Internet Options” and in the “General” tab, click “Accessibility”;
  • Check the selection boxes:

“Ignore colours specified on Web pages”;

“Ignore font styles specified on Web pages”;

“Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages”;

  • Click “OK”.

Alternative text

The images used on this website have alternative text, which allows a description to be assigned to images for text recognition systems (TTS) and other assistive technologies.

Difficult-to-access or inaccessible content

We are aware that there are contents to which, by their very nature, users may have reduced or conditioned access (such as videos).

We reaffirm our commitment to minimising the impact of these situations, identifying them, reviewing them periodically and implementing the best practices available, to the extent possible with existing technical and human resources.