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Chairman Message

August 17, 2019

I deeply regret to announce that Alexandre Soares dos Santos passed away yesterday, at home, in Lisbon, surrounded by his family.

As his successor to the leadership of the Company to which he dedicated over 45 years of his life and which he led with unparalleled vision and courage, I am well aware of how much this Group owes him and how the strength of his leadership, and his integrity and determination were decisive in positioning Jerónimo Martins among the world’s largest retailers, maintaining as a fundamental principle the respect for all people, with special attention to those who work with us.

As his son, I also know how much I owe to the greatness of his example, his trust in me, the inspiration that has always been his love for the family, his sense of social responsibility and his commitment to the Common Good.

As a businessman and as a man, my father leaves a strong legacy that we must honor and continue.

By his express will, this moment will be lived in the intimacy of the nearest family, with the possibility of a last public tribute being reserved for later, at a time and date to be announced soon.

Until then, anyone who wishes to express their feelings can do so at

Pedro Soares dos Santos

Chairman & CEO