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Campus Ambassador Programme

This unique opportunity allows university students to be in close contact with the our working reality.
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Campus Ambassador Programme

The Jerónimo Martins Campus Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for university students to be in close contact with the Group’s working reality and develop new competences.

The students that participate in the Campus Ambassador Jerónimo Martins programme have a mission: to support the Employer Branding teams in Portugal and Poland in the promotion of young talents’ recruitment opportunities at their respective university campuses. In return, they get a privileged view over the working reality of one of the largest Portuguese companies and have access to various learning opportunities.


Main Advantages

  1. Participation in relevant Jerónimo Martins’ events and foster a relation with the Group’s Companies, getting privileged access to people and information that are part of the Group’s universe;
  2. Working closely with our Employer Branding teams and having the chance to showcase positively your talent in Jerónimo Martins;
  3. A challenge involving a high level of responsibility and creativity;
  4. An opportunity of personal development, acquisition of new skills and curriculum enrichment;
  5. Visibility and increasing recognition within your university;
  6. Individual evaluation and feedback, being rewarded at the end of the initiative if you are considered a top Ambassador.


Candidate Profile

Our programme is an excellent opportunity for university students that are preparing their entrance in the job market and thinking about their careers in the mid-long term. We look for candidates that meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate (Bachelor) or postgraduate (Masters) studies;
  • Enthusiastic about cooperating with Jerónimo Martins;
  • Engaged in academic communities;
  • Curious and eager to learn about Jerónimo Martins business, products, Companies and careers;
  • Professional in appearance and attitude;
  • Able to fulfil Campus Ambassador responsibilities without jeopardizing academic standing;
  • From any field of study (it’s more important who you are than what you study).


Programme Structure

The Campus Ambassador programme has the approximate length of an academic year and provides three moments of face to face contact between the company and its ambassadors:

  • Opening Days – dedicated to knowing the ambassadors and introducing them to the company;
  • Development Days – dedicated to training and developing some key ambassador’s key competences;
  • Closing Day – dedicated to assess and discuss the outcome of the year’s activities.

Besides the face to face moments, contact is permanently maintained throughout the year, between the company and its ambassadors, and between ambassadors, through launching of several challenges that put them to the test and through which they are evaluated.


Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for the Campus Ambassador Jerónimo Martins programme has the maximum lenght of one month, consisting of 4 phases:

  • 01

    Online application

    All candidates should submit their applications at the programme’s dedicated website

  • 02

    Application screening

    All applications are screened according to the defined candidate profile, considering the basic eligibility criteria and profile fit

  • 03


    The selected candidates are invited to submit a pre-recorded interview, where besides answering some questions they should show their enthusiasm and motivation to join this programme

  • 04


    The best candidates are invited to an interview with the Employer Branding manager that is assembling the team of ambassador’s with which he/she will be working with for the following year