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About the Programme

The Jerónimo Martins Campus Ambassador programme is a unique pivotal experience in which you will be the link between a major employer and your academic universe.

What’s in it for you?

  • Participate in Jerónimo Martins’ events and foster a relation with the Group’s Companies;
  • Get privileged access to key people and relevant information within our organisation;
  • Work closely with our Employer Branding team and get the chance to positively showcase your talent;
  • A challenge involving a high level of responsibility and creativity;
  • An opportunity of personal development, acquisition of new skills and curriculum enrichment;
  • Get visibility and increasing recognition within your university;
  • Be rewarded at the end of the Programme if you are considered a top Ambassador.

What to expect

The Programme is broken down in seven different stages that range from getting to know the Jerónimo Martins Group to creating an event on campus so that your colleagues are in the know about our job opportunities.

  • 01

    Get to know us

    Meet the Employer Branding team that will give you a general presentation of the initiative and its schedule. Get to know the Group: history, facts and figures, what we do and where we are. Learn more about Jerónimo Martins Young Talent Programmes. Workshop on key competences.

  • 02

    Campus Mapping

    Feel challenged and learn more about your university culture and dynamics, and identify opportunities to activate the Jerónimo Martins brand. Suggest us the best communication channels on campus and hotspots where our communication materials can be placed.

  • 03

    Social Media

    Leverage your social networks to share relevant information about Jerónimo Martins and its Talent Programmes with the academic community.

  • 04

    Meet us at our…

    Spend a day getting to know the multiple dimensions of the Jerónimo Martins business, which may include a visit to our Soup Factory, a Distribution Centre or a Central Kitchen, among others.

  • 05


    Campus Ambassadors are challenged to choose a department or business area of the Jerónimo Martins Group and propose a set of questions.

  • 06

    Get feedback on your performance

    Get feedback and deep dive in a hot topic on your Awards & Closing Day.

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