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Why you?

We aim to attract the best professionals from different areas in order to rapidly and effectively respond to the challenges that we face.
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What we expect from you

Just like you should expect the utmost commitment from Jerónimo Martins, we also have great expectations from you. In the Companies of our Group, it is not only important what we do, but also how we do it.



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    If practice makes perfect, then passion drives excellence. We’re looking for people who share our enthusiasm for the world of food, taking into account that our stores are our core activity.

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    Responsibility & Commitment

    When choosing our people, we go for those with a keen sense of responsibility, openness and commitment. Just as we invest in our employees, we expect you to invest in us – because there is no “us” without “you”.

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    Team players

    In our Group, everyone rows in the same direction. Placing global objectives above individual ones is a top priority in all the Companies of the Group. Additionally, we highly all those who are eager to learn and improve their skills and performance while being humble enough to recognise this task is a team effort.

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    Immersion in the Group’s Culture

    Our values are the core of the Group’s culture. We aim for moral integrity, loyalty and an ethical conduct in all areas of action, as well as respect and positive attitude towards diversity and inclusion.

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    Making a difference

    Everyone’s path is different at Jerónimo Martins but none of them is ordinary. Our people have a desire to always do more, better – and this is what makes them so special and appreciated in our Companies. If you want to make a difference, to leave your mark, and to add value to your work, this is the right place for you.