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Talent for our operations

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Operations Management Trainee Programme

Over the last 30 years, more than 600 graduates in Portugal, Poland and  Colombia, started their careers as Trainees in the Jerónimo Martins Group. Many of them developed their careers in this area and reached top management positions.

Being an Operations Management Trainee means building a career close to the heart of our business and acquiring knowledge and competences through a unique blend of on-the-job experience and a dedicated training programme.

The key objective of the Operations Management Trainee Programme is to offer the best graduates the possibility of an accelerated career development in the Food Distribution business.

Main Advantages

  • In-depth knowledge of our Operations;
  • Possibility of personal and professional growth by acquiring responsibility very early in your career;
  • Ability to develop a greater understanding of our business, its various functions and its context through a comprehensive induction in the programme;
  • Involvement of our Senior Management in your professional development;
  • Acquiring knowledge of the Food Distribution market, its customers and consumers.

Talent Programmes Website

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