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Recruitment Process

Considering the requirements of the defined candidate profile and the long-term investment in our Operations Management Trainees, the recruitment process is probably one of the most demanding in the market and consists of multiple phases.

  • 01

    Online Application

    All candidates are expected to submit their applications in the programme’s dedicated website providing qualitative information relevant to the profile.

  • 02

    Online Assessment

    Selected candidates are invited to participate in an online assessment, where they respond to numerical, verbal, logical reasoning and English tests.

  • 03

    Group Challenge

    The selected candidates are invited to a business challenge, and they have the first contact with the reality of Jerónimo Martins. They also have the opportunity of meeting selected business managers.

  • 04

    Assessment Center

    The selected candidates are then asked to participate in an assessment session where they go through a series of exercises, both individual and in a group.

  • 05

    Final Panel

    The best candidates are invited to meetings with a Selecting Committee, comprised by top executives from Jerónimo Martins, and are assessed through self-presentations, group exercises and individual interviews.

Following the panel, the selected candidates are offered a place in our programme, which usually starts in September.

Please bear in mind that some phases of our recruitment process are carried out in conjunction with our external recruitment partners.

All candidates are given a response.

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