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Store Operations

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In marketing, we are responsible for managing brands and their relationship with our customers using a multi-channel approach, thus contributing to the growth and sustained development of the business. Our mission is to boost and promote sales, support the achievement of revenue goals and secure the business future through customer engagement.

Customer Ombudsman

The mission of the customer ombudsman area is to represent and defend the rights of our consumers, contributing towards greater proximity and trust between our companies and customers. Here, we actively listen to our customers' comments and complaints, while making sure their expectations are met.

Corporate Communication and Responsibility

Within corporate communication, we are responsible for the reputation of the Jerónimo Martins brand, strengthening it through the design and implementation of a multi-channel communication strategy. Within corporate responsibility, we develop activities that positively impact society, while promoting sustainability practices across all Group companies.

Environment and Sustainability

Our purpose is to define the environmental strategy, policies and procedures across the countries the Group operates in. Here, we identify opportunities to minimise the negative environmental impacts of the Group’s business operations and the upstream value chain.

Human Resources

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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department evaluates the organisation’s governance, risk management and control processes using a systematic, disciplined and risk-based approach.
Through independent and objective practices, we improve processes and add value to all business units, countries and the corporate centre.


The Legal area has a team of lawyers whose mission is to ensure the accomplishment of the goals of the Group and its companies in compliance with legal regulations and requirements, providing legal support to the business and different functional areas, as well as minimising legal risk.


In the logistics department, we manage the entire logistics infrastructure from distribution centres and warehouses to stores, while optimising inventory.
In the Supply Chain department, we coordinate and develop the logistics processes, manage the store assortment, plan promotions and forecast sales in order to guarantee the necessary stock.


In the finance area, we define, coordinate, supervise and implement the financial policies transversal to the Group companies.
We ensure cash flow monitoring and funds availability, as well as compliance with tax, accounting and statutory obligations.
We also analyse the performance and profitability of the Group businesses and investment projects.

Private Brand Development

Here, we guarantee that the products we sell under our brands are developed according to the highest quality standards. We define, plan, implement and monitor the policies, procedures, methodologies and rules for the development of our products in terms of quality for all our banners. Innovation and differentiation are two mantras we abide by in everything we do.

Food Quality and Safety

Being mainly a food-centric organisation, food quality and safety plays a critical role.
We consistently monitor products as they enter our warehouses with the goal of testing their quality. We also audit suppliers and monitor stores, making sure they abide by existing food quality and safety certification.


The strategy area works on two main fronts: business development opportunities and strategic projects. We assess portfolio development opportunities, including expansion to new markets and new business opportunities. We work side by side with the various business units and departments in the development of strategic projects that are often disruptive in nature.


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Food Production

In this area, we have our kitchens, our factories (dairy and fresh dough), our agriculture and livestock farms and our fish aquaculture production. It is a very diverse, fast-growing area, where quality and sustainability are our constant concern.

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