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Application and Selection Process

Applications for this exciting experience open in March (Poland) and in April (Portugal). For information on the application processes and fixtures in Colombia visit the Praticas website.

The Programme starts in July in Portugal and Poland, and in January and July in Colombia. From the moment you decide to join this Programme, this is what will happen:

  • 01


    All candidates are expected to submit their applications online, providing qualitative information about their educational background, work experiences and other relevant data, as well as answering some additional questions.

  • 02


    All applications in Portugal are screened against the defined candidate profile and selected candidates are invited to participate in an online analytical ability assessment – focused in numerical, verbal and logical reasoning – as well as an English test.

  • 03


    The selected candidates are invited to a business challenge in their first contact with the reality of Jerónimo Martins.

  • 04


    Finally, selected candidates are invited to an interview in which their fit – technical and behavioural – for a specific area will be assessed.

We have a deep respect for your time and value the meaning of trust. We will reply to all candidates, but please keep in mind that we deal with thousands of applications. Sometimes our resources are not as vast as our commitment. Feel free to email us if you feel it is taking too long for you to get feedback on your application.

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