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Candidate Profile

The Jerónimo Martins Campus Ambassador Programme is a unique opportunity for university students to be in close contact with the Group’s working reality and develop new competences.

Potential Jerónimo Martins Campus Ambassadors must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate (Bachelor) or postgraduate (Masters) studies, from any field of study – it’s more important who you are than what you study.

We are looking for candidates that are curious and eager to learn about Jerónimo Martins business, products, Companies and careers, professional in appearance and attitude and able to fulfill Campus Ambassador responsibilities without jeopardizing academic standing.

Here are some tips to know if you have what it takes

We look for candidates who are Jerónimo Martins enthusiasts and meet the following requirements:

You are industrious and results-driven
Every day is a new possibility to make things happen. You take actions and you love to start new ventures.
You know your way around campus
You know who is who at your university. The hot spots on campus are your natural habitat and you engage in every kind of event, from parties to job fairs.
You rock on
social media
You know people and people know you. You are a true online trendsetter and your followers are probably too many to count.
You’ve got
Attitude and Communication. Your face lights up when you speak before an audience.

What do Ambassadors think about the Programme?

Read what our past Campus Ambassadors have to say:

Rita Mimoso (2018/2019)

Católica-Lisbon SBE

“Throughout the months as a JM ambassador I feel that not only my knowledge regarding food retail and the Group itself got deepen, but also my network got bigger. Through workshops, reunions and events together with our country’s ambassadors, I’ve had the chance to meet incredible and hardworking people from different backgrounds but with the same passion for retail. As a future ambassador you can expect a continuous learning and self-growth as well as an expansion of your network, which is crucial nowadays.”

Jerónimo Martins Campus Ambassador Programme | Testimonies | Michal Wiekiera

Michal Wiekiera (2017/2018)

University of Economics in Katowice

“During my almost one year’s adventure with Jerónimo Martins as an ambassador, I could develop my soft skills. I also had the opportunity to learn more about the company’s core business and its presence on the market. In addition, I met inspiring people, thanks to whom I could gain new experience.”

Bruno Fernandes (2018/2019)


“Being JM’s ambassador is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of one of the largest players in the international food retail industry in a transparent and total way that provides a fantastic learning experience. It is also great to be able to make a difference in the student community to which we belong. It is an enriching year on a personal and professional level.”

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