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Retail Dive In

Our Retail Dive In Experience is a unique opportunity to start your career and evolve professionally in a company that will break all the myths about retail. It can also be a first step towards our Management Trainee Programme.

What to expect?


One year, two different departments, lots of challenges. You can explore an area of your choice and another area that you wouldn’t even think of. Who knows if…?


Say hello to your tutor, the one that’ll guide you through the entire experience.

Holistic view

Welcome to the backstage. Here you’ll have a privileged view of the retail industry.


You’ll work every day to bring the best products to our customers and build a better future to the communities around you.

Are you the one we’re looking for?

Well, you kept reading until now. Want to see if you have the right profile?


That prepared you and gave you some knowledge about the professional world.


You must be comfortable speaking, reading and writing in Portuguese and English.


Bring the best of you, we want to be surprised by your bold and innovative ideas.


We have a dynamic business, and each day will be different. Are you ready to challenge the routine?

How will this happen?

January 2022
The beginning
In this first experience, you will discover a lot about our Group and about retail, through the work of the specific area you will be joining. Just for a start.
July 2022
A new perspective
We don’t want you to settle down. So, in July, you will be welcomed into a brand-new area with new challenges and new things to discover about our world, where you’ll stay until December 2022.
Next chapter: are you ready?
We believe that our Retail Dive In Experience can be just a beginning. So why not look further? Perhaps at the end of the programme, you’ll be ready to start a new journey with us in our Management Trainee Programme. We’re already looking forward to it.

Meet a diver

People who dived into retail and survived to tell their story. Beware, their statements may inspire you to apply.

Madalena Perloiro

Degree and Master in Industrial Engineering and Management 
Instituto Superior Técnico

“The Retail Dive In program is thorough and allows you to get to know two distinct areas that may be of your interest. In addition, it allows you to discover the vast structure of Jerónimo Martins, leading you to be enchanted by the world of food retail! I learned that if you remember that the customer comes first, decision-making becomes much simpler. And that the solutions to the big challenges are always out there: just ask!”

Rita Santos

Degre and Master in Management 

“If you are looking for an experience of intense learning and constant challenge, where your development is valued, apply for Retail Dive In. The program allows you to participate in very different projects and have full vision of the reality in Jerónimo Martins. And no matter if you’re just starting out or how inexperienced you are, they never cut your wings: they encourage you to be critical, take the initiative and be proactive.”