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Candidate Profile

Being selected to enroll our Student Internship Programme is no piece of cake. Either applying in Portugal, Poland or Colombia, you will face seriously motivated candidates.

Each country receives thousands of applications from sharp and talented students from all fields of study. Out of this pool, only some students will be chosen to kick-start their future and dive into the world of retail during their summer vacations.

Here are some tips to know if you have what it takes

Our Student Internship Programme is aimed at students with the following characteristics:

Enrollment in a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from a renowned university, in any field of expertise ranging from Business, Science, Technology, Engineering to Arts and Humanities. The ability to demonstrate a solid academic track-record is a must.
Being an international Group, we expect our candidates to be able to use English at an advanced level (min. B2 European scale). For some positions, you need to be able to speak the local language (Portuguese, Polish or Spanish) at an advanced level as well, the minimum requirement is B2 (European scale).
Dynamism, curiosity and ability to swiftly learn every single day, by participating in challenging projects. Eagerness to always reach for more, resilience and a passion for achievement is a must; we seek for people that are active while studying.
Our full-time programme is available to students who are able to join us at least for the whole months of July and August in Portugal and July to September in Poland. Colombian students have a different framework (“Prácticas”) and have to check out their university-specific conditions to apply.

What our Interns have to say

Here are some testimonies from Nassir and Sofia about their experience in the Programme.

Nassir Cassamo, 2018

Instituto Superior Técnico

“Being an Intern at Jerónimo Martins was an incredible opportunity and an excellent decision! I was directly involved in a Research and Development project at Seaculture – Aquaculture department – where I supervised major tasks, dealt with suppliers and assisted in problem solving. Collaborating in the management of such a complex project and learning about the latest innovations in the industry as well as interacting with multiple entities was, without margin of doubt, an enormous privilege.”

Sofia Bento, 2018

Middlesex University

“This internship, despite lasting for only two months, was a great way to receive guidelines in the Corporate Area, and in the world of Food Retail. I had the privilege to be a part of the Employee Relations team who received me with open arms and were available to help in whatever they could, providing me the best experience possible. It is incredible (and very welcoming) the family environment that we feel in this Company and the dedication of every employee towards the Group.”

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