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Programme in Detail

SIP is Jerónimo Martins Summer Internship Programme, fully dedicated to the empowerment of best-in-class students. We believe one of the best ways young graduates have to broaden their professional options after completing university is being aware of the job market and the opportunities different companies provide.

The Programme provides interns with a wide range of interactions with different teams, professionals and projects, helping them to gain awareness of what they want to do in the future and the things they are already good at.

Besides joining a Portuguese multinational Group with more than 225 years of history and a strong international orientation, interns have the unmatched chance to work side‑by‑side with our teams, taking on individual commitments that impact business processes and results, and ultimately the daily lives of thousands of our employees, business partners and customers.

SIP is an intensive experience designed to boost learning and personal growth for a two to three-month period. Interns learn with us, and we learn with them, too.

Programme Structure

The programme lasts for two-months, July and August (in some cases extended to September). Besides the opportunity to get on-the-job experience while working in a particular functional area, the programme offers:

  • 01

    Company orientation

    During their first day in the company all interns are given an overview of the business, Companies and their functional areas, but also have a chance to get to know one another during this all-day event.

  • 02


    Each Intern is accompanied by their dedicated tutor, responsible for the outcome of their internship.

  • 03


    Multiple interaction opportunities are provided to allow interns to engage in challenging initiatives outside of their day to day function.

  • 04

    Development day

    Special day is devoted to the development of knowledge and skills useful in the development of a professional career.

  • 05

    Evaluation & feedback

    Each intern is evaluated according to predefined criteria and receives feedback to help them grow as professionals.

  • 06


    The experience gained proves to be valuable in their C.V. The internship certificate is issued to confirm the formal character of the programme.

  • 07


    Intern’s contribution to our results is important so they will receive a compensation for that.

Talent Programmes Website

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