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A world of opportunities

We inspire employees to keep learning by creating opportunities for people to move around within the Group.
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Career Mobility

The strategic investment in internal mobility is one of the Group’s most important tools for promoting the development and motivation of our people. We believe different roles, responsibilities and experiences within the Companies of the Group are a key factor to feed our employees’ potential.

There are three approaches to the Group’s Internal Career Mobility:

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    Whether by promotion or diversification, we offer our employees opportunities to create value within the Organisation, expand knowledge and build their career paths.

  • 02


    We value internal talent and for that we encourage our people to apply to various job openings and opportunities. We do not want talent to remain hidden.

  • 03


    Our culture and values rely strongly on a diverse and multicultural environment. This is why we keep investing in international mobility as a driver for value. More than a perk, it is a powerful tool to boost our employees’ development and a decisive factor to answer the needs of an ever-expanding business.

By proactively encouraging our most-valued human capital to manage their ascent, we want our employees to create and shape their own unique career paths while retaining talent and creating a motivating work environment.

Training & Development

With the concern of having the right person in the right place, we promote training.

Equality & Diversity

Our values are emphasized in a policy that promotes equality and diversity.

Compensation & Benefits

We promote competitive, fair and balanced wage practices.

Working at Jerónimo Martins

We are over 118,000 people sharing value with our stakeholders.