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Equality and Diversity

Our values are emphasized in a policy that promotes equality and diversity.
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Equality and Diversity

At Jerónimo Martins, diversity is a must. We strive to ensure our workplace is inclusive and diverse and that there is equality of opportunities across all Companies.

We value the diversity of skills and profiles of our people and we are committed to the principle of equality and non-discrimination based on gender or any other criteria, believing in equal access to opportunities for personal and professional development based on merit.

 We promote:

Labour rights

We are deeply committed to the principles of respect and decent treatment of each individual, both during the recruitment and selection processes, and regarding professional development and performance appraisals, forbidding any direct or indirect discriminatory practice or harassment and fostering a culture of fairness and meritocracy.

We also strive for preventing the risks of child labour and forced labour along the value chain of the products we sell in our stores. The rights of indigenous people are also in no way put at risk by the activity of our Companies.

Compliance with code of conduct

The principles and values that we have defined in the Code of Conduct serve as a compass for the standard of behaviour that we expect from our employees, regardless of their hierarchical level, their jobs, or the Company to which they belong.

Programmes for Inclusion in the Job Market

We are very well aware of the need to promote the employability of people who are especially vulnerable when accessing the job market, which is why we have been pursuing our strategy for social inclusion based on three main action pillars: inclusion of people with disabilities, migrants or refugees and people exposed to social risks.

Such programmes include creating living and legalisation conditions for foreign employees, especially those in vulnerable conditions, as well as the adaptation of internal communication materials so that these foreign employees are easily integrated into the Group’s culture and way of working.

Know more about our programmes for inclusion in the job market here.

Gender equality

Gender equality has always been a concern for us. As such, we have partnered with FLAD (Luso-American Development Foundation), the United States of America Embassy in Portugal and the Girl Move Foundation, to support and qualify women entrepreneurs, as well as to support and promote women’s employability.

Know more about our Gender Equality Plan 2020.

Employee Assistance Service

The Employee Assistance Service, which is in place in the three countries, enables all employees to clarify any labour issues or requests for social support, benefiting its users with the guarantee of confidentiality, independence and impartiality.

Training & Development

With the concern of having the ``right person in the right place``, we promote training.

Compensation & Benefits

We promote competitive, fair and balanced wage practices.

Career Mobility

We favor the mobility of our employees within the Group.

Working at Jerónimo Martins

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