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Our compensation policy

We promote competitive, fair and balanced wage practices.
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Salaries & Benefits

We promote a balanced remuneration system with a competitive pay, bonuses and other benefits to recognise and reward our employees’ performance.

The Jerónimo Martins Salary System is based on a Total Compensation Package, designed to provide its employees with benefits on top of their rightful base salary.


Total Compensation Package

The Total Compensation Package is comprised of 4 separate dimensions:

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    Basic Salary

    A fair, competitive and attractive basic salary that motivates excellent performance is the starting point of our salary system.

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    Variable Salary

    By evaluating our teams’ performances in terms of achieved results, behavioural skills and commitment, we encourage our employees to grow in their roles and find innovative ways to pursue the Group’s goals. To do so, we reward our teams and employees with bonuses – a good job is not to go without recognition.

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    Employee Seniority Bonus

    We value the dedication and commitment of our people, as well as resilience and hard work, taking into consideration the number of years they are with us. As such, we show our appreciation for the Group’s employees with Employee Seniority Bonus.

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    Fringe Benefits

    To ensure the needs of our employees are met, we establish partnerships with organisations in various areas, including education, health and wellness. Benefits and discounts are granted to all employees and, in certain circumstances, also to their families.

Our remuneration policy

In order to attract and retain valuable human capital, we review our Companies’ salary policies annually. We strive to have in place a remuneration model that promotes an alignment between the expectations and needs of employees with the investment that the Group makes in their development. It is the Group’s aim to:

  • Promote the development, growth and competitiveness of teams;
  • Recognise and reward the teams’ and employees’ efforts;
  • Give employees responsibility for short, medium and long-term results and objectives;
  • Encourage a culture based on merit and performance.

Training & Development

With the concern of having the ``right person in the right place``, we promote training.

Equality & Diversity

Our values are emphasized in a policy that promotes equality and diversity.

Career Mobility

We favor the mobility of our employees within the Group.

Working at Jerónimo Martins

We are over 118,000 people sharing value with our stakeholders.