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Bringing out the best in people

With the concern of having the 'right person in the right place', we promote training.
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Training and Development

Investing in our employees’ professional and personal development is a foundation of the Jerónimo Martins Group.

We make an active, continuous effort to understand and connect with employees and their needs with a view to align and engage them with the businesses’ goals and strategies.

For this purpose, we provide our teams with  a wide array of learning and training opportunities, courses and programmes.

Jerónimo Martins Training School

The Jerónimo Martins Training School (Escola de Formação Jerónimo Martins) was set up in 2005 in order to reach out to employees and ensure their on-going learning.

With several training centres spread around Portugal, the EFJM offers various courses, integrated training programmes and internships for learning technical and management skills. The EFJM develops customised training, in response to the needs of the business and of individuals. Most of our over 200 coaches are employees, who thus enhance and perpetuate their know-how internally.

Jerónimo Martins Essentials

Several short duration training courses were created in order to develop individual learning competencies related to the Jerónimo Martins skills model implemented in all Companies. Such courses include:

  • Strategic Management Programme, which is taught through a partnership between Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and Chicago’s Kellogg School of Management, exposes participants to innovative management concepts and global trends, thereby also contributing towards consolidating internal networks, team spirit and organisational culture;
  • Fundamentals of Project Management in partnership with Nova School of Business Economics Executive Education:
  • Digital Executive Education Program conceived to develop the different dimensions of digital transformation, at Nova SBE;
  • General Retail Management Programme focused on developing the employees’ management skills, using development projects to promote a broader vision of the business and innovation to address the specific challenges of the business;
  • Negotiation for Value Creation specially oriented to improve the skills of team members of the Commercial area;
  • Discovery a team-bulding learning experience onboard Santa Maria Manuela iconic ship.

External Training

At the same time, we consider that the sharing of experiences outside the Group and contact with other management realities are critical factors for the development of our managers.

That is why we promote external training through participation in executive programmes, seminars, congresses and conferences worldwide, as well as the setting-up of partnerships in a wide range of management areas, collaborating with some of the more prestigious training organisations in Portugal and abroad.

Ready to shape the future? 

Equality & Diversity

Our values are emphasized in a policy that promotes equality and diversity.

Compensation and benefits

We promote competitive, fair and balanced wage practices.

Career Mobility

We favor the mobility of our employees within the Group.

Working at Jerónimo Martins

We are over 118,000 people sharing value with our stakeholders.