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Why Us?

We consider our people to be our greatest capital, we invest on their development and fulfilment. We bet in training, we acknowledge quality and we listen to people, in a constant commitment to our employees.
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What to expect from us

We are a benchmark in the countries in which we operate because we promote a culture of professional development, ambitious objectives, innovation and pioneering methods.

We offer challenging professional career paths in which our people are given opportunities to make a difference in our business and in the communities in which we operate.

A potential employee can expect from us a relationship based on an ongoing commitment to mutual demands, stimulus and respect.

5 Reasons To Choose Us

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    Career Prospects

    We favour the mobility of our employees within the Group, in terms of both career advancement and skills diversification, promoting job rotation in the different areas of our companies.

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    Values and working environment

    The rigour, transparency and innovation that regulate our actions are the characteristics of a demanding and cooperative working environment, in which team effort is more highly valued than individual work.

  • 03

    A family company

    To work in an organisation like ours is to become part of a family. A family that is united against difficulties and overcomes the challenges it faces every day.

  • 04

    Improvements in surrounding communities

    Our ambition is make a difference, not only in how business is conducted but also through constant support for surrounding communities in the countries in which we operate.

  • 05

    A benchmark employer

    Through Corporate Responsibility, we seek to continue to be a benchmark employer in the sectors and countries in which we operate, promoting fair and balanced salary policies, showing our loyal commitment to our employees.


  • Constant involvement and commitment

For us, it is as essential to evaluate our performance as an employer as to measure the performance of our business. For this reason we maintain channels of communication to, together with our employees, identify areas in which our performance and labour relations can be improved.

  • Comprehensive integration programme

When employees start working with us or after internal job changes, they take part in programmes to increase their knowledge of the duties of the new post and obtain the training necessary to pursue their activities.

  • Recognition of merit

We have a culture of evaluation and recognition of merit that aims to identify individual capabilities, to encourage self-evaluation, to promote dialogue between management and teams and to acknowledge and reward the performance of each employee with fairness, impartiality and transparency.

  • Training necessary to correctly perform functions

With a concern to have the “right person in the right place”, we organise courses to provide direct on-the-job training, or in classes, through self-study schemes or team learning, and other methods. These courses may be internal, using the Organisation’s own know-how, or external, at centres of excellence and innovation or benefiting from the experiences of third parties.

  • Stimulating development and professional excellence

We invest in the development of our employees and promote the diversification of skills by advocating mobility within the Group. We set out ambitious goals, encouraging employees to overcome the challenges that we raise.