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Why you?

We aim to attract the best professionals from different areas in order to rapidly and effectively respond to the challenges that we face.
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What we expect from you

We follow the evolution and growth of the global market. For this reason, we consider recruitment to be a key instrument for the growth and strengthening of our market position.



  • 01

    Passion for the business

    People who share our enthusiasm for the world of food, taking into account that our stores are our core activity.

  • 02

    A sense of responsibility and commitment

    People with a strong sense of responsibility, openness and commitment.

  • 03

    A constant desire to learn

    People that show a constant desire to improve their skills and their performance, who are proactive in reaching this objective and humble enough to recognise that this task is inexhaustible.

  • 04

    Identification with the Group's culture

    People with a high level of moral integrity, loyalty and strictly ethical conduct in all areas of action.

  • 05

    Team spirit

    People who place global objectives above individual objectives and contribute to a harmonious workplace. In our Group, everybody is rowing in the same direction.

  • 06


    People with a capacity to resist and overcome adversities and with self-motivation to do always more and better.

  • 07

    Desire to make a difference

    People with a desire to make a difference, to leave their mark, adding value to the work carried out.