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Programme in Detail

The International Management Trainee Programme is a unique opportunity for young talents to join the Jerónimo Martins world. We provide 24 months of experiences, learning and growth as well as the possibility to work with professionals from Poland, Portugal and Colombia, who contribute to the Group’s success every day.

We make sure that our Trainees are well prepared for their upcoming challenges by providing them information and knowledge, not only about the Group, its Companies and functions, but also about the context in which we operate.

This programme has been built in such a way as to ensure the balance between the general comprehension of key business concepts relevant to our local realities and the development of practical skills through hands-on practical experience on various levels within our organization in all three geographies.

Programme Structure

The programme starts in September every year and consists of the following phases:

Corporate Training

Portugal – 1 Month

IM Trainees are welcomed by the Corporate HR team and are introduced to the basic principles of Retail. They spend the first month of the Programme understanding the Group’s headquarters and main corporate areas, building esprit de corps and long-lasting relations. It’s an immersive experience that involves workshops, meetings, training sessions and action learning activities, focused on deepening knowledge about our food-passionate people, ethics, behaviours, business strategy and can-do attitude.

Know the business

Poland – 1 Month

This month is dedicated to a countrywide immersion in our Biedronka and Hebe Stores, Logistics and support structures such as Commercial, Marketing, Private Label Development, HR and Finance.

First Rotation: Stores

Portugal or Poland – 5 to 7 Months

During this period, IM Trainees get a hands-on experience in our Stores. IM Trainees from Poland and Portugal go through this experience in their home countries, while Trainees from Colombia can go through the same experience in either Poland or Portugal, and learn from consolidated formats.

Second Rotation: Logistics

Portugal or Poland – 5 to 7 Months

IM Trainees undergo practical training in our Logistics and Supply Chain departments, seeing first-hand the impact that our Distribution Centres and Transportation operations have on the value chain efficiency.

Third Rotation: Commercial / Marketing / Private Label

Portugal or Poland – 5 to 7 Months

IM Trainees get to know how we do things in terms of category management and suppliers relations in the Commercial department. Also, they learn about our Marketing processes, which help us build a strong relationship with our customers. Finally, IM Trainees learn how our Private Label Development department, a strategic differentiation pillar for us, works from the inside.

Know the business

Colombia – 1 Month

The last month of the programme is dedicated to a countrywide immersion in our most recent market, Colombia, and its local banner Ara. After getting to know in depth our mature markets, IM Trainees see how we deploy our consolidated business knowledge in this market.

Talent Programmes Website

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