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30 Years on the Stock Exchange

In 1989, the opening of Jerónimo Martins to the capital markets would pave the way for a remarkable growth in the following decades. In 30 years, our market capitalisation multiplied more than 30 times. We went from 1 to 3 countries, opened more than 4,200 stores and sales increased by around 18 billion euros.

“The decision to go public resulted essentially from a strategy of reorganising the ownership structure and an ambitious expansion plan, in Portugal and abroad.”


Pedro Soares dos Santos

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Along these 30 years, many were the notable moments in the Jerónimo Martins presence in the Stock Exchange. These were some of them.

Bell Ringing Ceremony

The celebration of Jerónimo Martins’ 30th anniversary on the Stock Exchange was held at Euronext Lisbon.

Isabel Ucha, President of the Euronext Stock Exchange, with Pedro Soares dos Santos, Francisco Soares dos Santos and Henrique Soares dos Santos.

Who we Are

We are food experts with businesses in two specific areas: Food Distribution and Specialised Retail.

Jerónimo Martins in Numbers

Get to know the main performance indicators of the Group.

Share Price Chart

Check the interactive price chart for the Jerónimo Martins shares listed on Euronext-Lisbon.


Read the Press Release about the Jerónimo Martins Group’s 30 years on the Stock Exchange celebrations.