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Through and transparent information

We are committed to make relevant information available to all in a timely, transparent, complete and accurate manner for our stakeholders.
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Commitment With Our Stakeholders

We aim to provide accessible, transparent and accurate information, in strict compliance with duties to inform shareholders, regulatory authorities and the market in general.

Our information policy puts into effect our commitment to:

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    Accessible, transparent and accurate communication

    Establishing accessible, transparent and accurate communication with our investors, employees, business partners, analysts and the media.

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    Equal treatment to shareholders

    Respecting the principle of equal treatment to shareholders, making the relevant information available to all, at the same time in a timely, transparent, complete and accurate manner.

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    Complete information on our website

    Guaranteeing, at any moment in time, that our corporate website contains, in an accurate and complete manner, all the publicly disclosed relevant information for its shareholders and remaining stakeholders.

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    Timely, thorough and reliable information

    Strictly complying with our obligations to provide information to the regulatory entities, its shareholders and the market in general in a timely, thorough and reliable way.

Investor Communication Policy

Regarding the financial market in particular, our communication policy is designed to ensure that material information – history, current performance and outlook for the future – is available to all our stakeholders, in order to provide clear and complete information about our group.

The communication strategy and plan outlined for each year is based on the principles of transparency, rigour and consistency, which ensure that all relevant information is transmitted in a non-discriminatory, clear and complete manner to stakeholders.

Investor Relations Office

Our Investor Relations Office is the interface with all investors – institutional and private, national and foreign – as well as the analysts who formulate opinions and recommendations regarding our group.

This team is responsible for drawing up the annual communication plan for the financial market, which is part of our our global communication strategy.

This Office organises a series of events so that investors can learn about our various businesses, its strategies and prospects for the future, and simultaneously follow the progress of activities during the year, by clarifying any doubts. The main objective of these events is to transmit an updated and clear vision of the strategies of our different business areas to the market – both in terms of operational performance and outlook.

The team is also responsible for matters related to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and its Head is the Legal Representative for Market Relations.

Information Provided to Our Stakeholders