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Ethics Committee

The mission of the Ethics Committee is to monitor, impartially and independently, the dissemination of and compliance with the Group’s Code of Conduct in all its member companies.

The Ethics Committee of Jerónimo Martins is composed of three to five members appointed by the Board of Directors, on proposal by the Committee on Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility (CCGCR).


In performing its duties, the Ethics Committee is responsible for:

  • Establishing the channels of communication with the addressees of the Jerónimo Martins Group Code of Conduct and with gathering such information as may be addressed to it in this connection;
  • Ensuring the existence of an adequate system of internal control of compliance with the Jerónimo Martins Group Code of Conduct and with the appraisal of the recommendations stemming from such control;
  • Appraising such issues as may be submitted to it by the Board of Directors, by the Audit Committee or by the CCGCR within the scope of compliance with Code of Conduct and with analysing in abstract those that may be raised by any employee, customer or business partner (Stakeholders), through the existing system for reporting irregularities;
  • Proposing to the CCGCR the adoption of such measures as it may deem fit in this connection, including a review of internal procedures and alterations to the Jerónimo Martins Group Code of Conduct;
  • Drawing up an annual report on its activities to be presented to the CCGCR.


The Ethics Committee comprises the following members:

  • Jaroslaw Sobczyk (President)
  • Pedro Maya
  • Dominik Wolski
  • Pedro Antunes
  • Cristina Minoya Perez

All contacts received by the Ethics Committee are treated confidentially.




Comissão de Ética
Rua Actor António Silva, nº 7
1649-033 Lisboa

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