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Internal Control Committee

Appointed by the Board of Directors and reporting to the Audit Committee, the Internal Control Committee has 5 members.

The Internal Control Committee (ICC) meets monthly and comprises a Chairman and 4 other members. None of the members is an Executive Director of the Company.



The members of the ICC are:

  • Alan Johnson (Chairman)
  • Jorge Santos Dias
  • Henrique Soares dos Santos
  • José Vitorino
  • Joanna Peschak



The ICC is specifically responsible for:

  • Evaluating the quality and reliability of the internal control system and the process of preparing financial statements;
  • Evaluating the quality of the monitoring process in force in Jerónimo Martins’ Companies, with a view to ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations to which they are subject.


In performing this latter task, the ICC must obtain regular information on the legal and fiscal contingencies that affect the Companies of the Group.

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