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Haitong Bank

Start of Coverage: 02-11-2015

Resume of the last report made by this analyst

We raise our FV rises from Eur 16.5 to Eur 17.0, with the positive impact from the roll-over of our valuation to 2018e (+Eur 1.2) outweighing the slight cut to our earnings estimates in Poland, Portugal and Colombia as well as higher capex across the board (-Eur 0.7). Our new FV offers 21% potential upside and the comparison of multiples also shows JMT is trading at a discount to its EM peers. We see this as great opportunity to buy the #1 grocer in Poland (90% of our EV) for what we see as a quite cheap price and we thus upgrade JMT from Neutral to BUY.

Analyst: Filipe Rosa

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