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  • Jerónimo Martins is founding member of the Portuguese Plastics Pact
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Jerónimo Martins is founding member of the Portuguese Plastics Pact

The Jerónimo Martins Group is pleased to announce that it is a founding member of the Portuguese Plastics Pact (Pacto Português para Plásticos). The Pact's launch event took place on 4 February at EDP’s main auditorium in Lisbon and was attended by more than 150 people.

The Portuguese Plastics Pact is coordinated by the Smart Waste Portugal Association, with support from the Ministry of Environment and Climate, the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition, the Ministry of the Sea and the Ellen MacArthur Plastics Pact Network.

It is a collaborative and innovation platform with a shared vision of a circular economy for plastics in Portugal, in which plastics will never be transformed into waste. This joint commitment brings together the Government, different players in the national plastics value chain, academia and NGOs; a total of 50 participating companies and organisations.

By signing this Pact, the Jerónimo Martins Group and the other entities involved undertake the commitment to implement initiatives with a view to achieving the ambitious targets and goals set for 2025, which are to:

  • Define, by 2020, a list of problematic or unnecessary single-use plastics and outline measures to eliminate them;
  • Ensure that 100% of plastic packaging is reused, recycled or compostable;
  • Ensure that 70%, or more, of plastic packaging is effectively recycled by increasing collection and recycling;
  • Incorporate, on average, 30% of recycled plastic into new plastic packaging;
  • Promote awareness and education campaigns among consumers (current and future) for the circular use of plastic.

The Portuguese Plastics Pact is a collaborative initiative aimed at leading by example and being an inspiration in the transition towards a circular economy for plastic.