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  • Jerónimo Martins invests 11 million euros in Portugal in annual bonuses for store and distribution centre employees
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Jerónimo Martins invests 11 million euros in Portugal in annual bonuses for store and distribution centre employees

  • In Portugal, around 23,000 employees receive an individual bonus of 500 euros.
  • In the past five years, and in Portugal alone, the accumulated value of this extraordinary bonus exceeded 45 million euros.
  • More than 80,000 of the Group’s employees, considering all three countries, received this bonus.
  • In this bonus, transversal to the three countries, the Group invested around 50 million euros, approximately 16% of its net profit in 2020.
  • The Group allocated a total of 189 million euros to employees in bonuses in 2020.


The Jerónimo Martins Group will invest approximately 11 million euros in Portugal to award an annual extraordinary bonus to 23,000 of its operations employees (stores and distribution centres), which will be paid with their wages in April.

This bonus recognises the work and contribution of these employees to the Group’s results, particularly in a year as challenging as 2020, and is also paid to employees in Poland and Colombia, reaching a total of approximately 80,100 employees.

In Portugal, 84% of eligible employees will be receiving this individual bonus in the amount of 500 euros, which is paid on top to their variable monthly pay and the employee support programmes and initiatives focusing on healthcare, education and family well-being. In 2020, and in Portugal, the Group invested over 3.2 million euros in these social responsibility programmes designed for its employees.

The Jerónimo Martins Group employs over 33,000 employees in Portugal, of a total of over 118,000 employees in the three countries where it does business.

This annual bonus is awarded on proposal by the Chairman, Pedro Soares dos Santos, and approved by the Jerónimo Martins’ Board of Directors, translating into an overall investment of around 50 million euros, corresponding to approximately 16% of the Group’s net profit in 2020.

It is the fifteenth consecutive year in which the bonus is award to operations employees in Portugal. In the past five years (2017-201), total investment has exceeded 45 million euros in the country, and 190 million in the three countries combined (Portugal, Poland and Colombia).