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  • Jerónimo Martins video wins Gold Dolphin in Cannes
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Jerónimo Martins video wins Gold Dolphin in Cannes

The animated video entitled “Plastic: From Use to Abuse” by the Jerónimo Martins Group received the highest award from the jury of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards – the Gold Dolphin - in the category “Environmental Issues and Concerns”. The jury comprises prominent members from cinema, television, audio-visuals, advertising and marketing, including Oscar and Emmy winners.

“How to explain a complex and uttermost urgent matter in a simplistic, yet appealing way: this is it! Educational, efficient and well-illustrated.”, commented the jury to fundament this decision.

The video was produced by Olga Studio, a Portuguese company specialising in animated videos, for exhibition at the opening of the “Plastic Pollution: What Now?” conference hosted by the Jerónimo Martins Group in September 2019. The conference took place at the NOVA SBE Campus in Carcavelos and was attended by employees from the Group, selected suppliers and institutional guests.

Sara Miranda, Chief Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer at the Jerónimo Martins Group, notes that “the food distribution business cannot do without plastic, which is especially important for ensuring food security. That said, we must combat the abusive use and improper disposal of plastic and all forms of pollution resulting therefrom. This short film seeks to demonstrate the duality of plastic and the need to properly manage the use of the material”.

In 1886, Swede Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a tale about two antagonistic personalities, one good and the other evil, inhabiting the same person. Life and fiction often overlap and, today, society has its own version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: plastic. That is the premise of the video “Plastic: From Use to Abuse”, available on YouTube:

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards annually honour the world’s best corporate films, online media productions, documentaries and reports, under 46 categories. The award ceremony, suspended this year because of the pandemic, takes place in Cannes. A total of 888 entries from 42 countries were submitted to this year’s 12th edition.

Aware that advances in sustainability depend on disclosing information and changing behaviours, the Jerónimo Martins Group has invested in raising awareness of important issues, including promoting health through healthy eating habits, protecting the environment and balanced ecosystems.
The video awarded is one example of many other recent productions: the Juliana series, broadcast over two months on CMTV on Saturdays, prime time, as a tribute to the Mediterranean Diet and to help preserve it, and Be The Story, a storytelling site that recently led to a series of podcasts, in partnership with Portuguese radio station Renascença.