Making a difference for our people

Our responsibility is to positively impact the life of the more than 134,000 employees that, every day, add value to our business.
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Being a Benchmark Employer

We are committed to continuously improving our ability to respond to the needs of our workforce.










jobs created in 2023
employees with permanent contracts

As at 31/12/2023

Our intervention areas

Living Diversity

Promoting a diverse and cohesive workforce, where equal opportunities and talent recognition are ensured at all levels.

Preparing for the Future

Embracing the learning and development of our employees from a lifelong perspective.

Empowering the Individual Path

Creating mechanisms for promoting professional and personal growth and development.

Recognising Fairly and Competitively

Following fairness, meritocracy and competitiveness principles in compensation and in the recognition of our employees.

Innovating in the Way of Working

Preparing employees for an increasingly digital world.

Protecting through the Best Work Conditions

We protect employees from occupational injuries and illnesses through a deep-rooted commitment to health and safety.

Integrating Work and Personal Context

Fostering alignment between individual and business needs and safeguarding employees' holistic well-being.

Supporting Employees and their Families

Offering solutions to improve the lives of our employees by addressing the needs of their families.

Promoting Inclusion

Creating an inclusive workplace environment so that everyone feels welcome, valued and recognised.

Acting Ethically

Ensuring that employees are treated ethically and that their rights are respected and duties fulfilled.

Awards and recognitions

  • We are the company with the best social performance in the retail sector, according to Humpact.
  • We are one of the 25 best companies to develop a career in Portugal according to LinkedIn.
  • Friendly Workplace 2023 award from Marka Pracodawcy in Poland.

Independent verification


See the verified data by an external and independent entity within the scope of our 2023 Annual Report.

Independent Report

Read the 2023 Independent Limited Assurance Report.