Ethics and Compliance

Ensuring that employees are treated ethically and that their rights are respected and duties fulfilled.
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Acting Ethically

We ensure high standards of corporate ethics, so that all employees feel respected and protected as members of our organisation. We monitor the standards of conduct adopted throughout the value chain, and we establish guidelines that must be followed by everyone, regardless of their role within the organisation.

Resolution mechanisms

The Ethics Committee is an independent body tasked with monitoring disclosure of and compliance with the standards and principles of the Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy. The Ethics Committee has its own channel that allows employees to confidentially report issues related to aggression, harassment, conflicts of interest, corruption, discrimination, fraud, improper business practices, misuse of information or any other violation of the Code of Conduct or Anti-Corruption Policy.

Ethics Boards

We have four Ethics Boards in Portugal which, together with the Ethics Committee, are responsible for ensuring the receipt and follow-up of reports of any wrongdoing.

Local Commissions

In Poland and Colombia there are bodies that receive and investigate reports: the Anti-Mobbing, Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Committee in Poland, and, in Colombia, the Committee for Labour Co-existence, which investigates reports relating to working conditions or other labour issues.

Employee Assistance Service

In each of the countries where we are present, the Employee Assistance Service is available to employees to report, ask questions about and resolve labour-related issues, and to receive and forward requests for social support.

employees reached by Anti-Corruption Policy campaigns
employees trained in Code of Conduct

As at 31/12/2022