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Our people come first

Our priorities are to harness and maintain talent, through balanced and competitive salary packages, as well as professional development policies that are in line with their expectations.
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Attraction and Retention

How we harness our talent

We continued with the activities for attracting talent from universities, which due to both the prestige of their teaching and their geographical scope, ensure nationwide coverage and disclosure, through events such as job fairs, workshops and open days, for example.

LinkedIn, the professional network, is a valuable tool for attracting talent, and in fact there was a substantial increase in the number of candidates recruited through that network and in the number of followers of the Group’s page, which at the end of 2016 amounted to more than 87 thousand.

Only an efficient approach to natural resources can benefit the ecosystems.

The way we develop our talent

In order to ensure a sustainable pace of growth, we have invested in our people’s continuous training, regardless of their role or the country where they work.

As far as the Managers are concerned, of particular note are the innovative training programmes in management, leadership and innovation, which are developed in cooperation with benchmark national and international training entities.

In Portugal, the EFJM (Jerónimo Martins Training School) ensures that all employees receive training, and that knowledge and best practices are transmitted internally.

In 2016, with the objective of qualifying employees for working in Perishables, the different Pingo Doce regions created various classes in Butchery, Bakery, Delicatessen and Take-Away, Fishery and Fruit and Vegetables.

In Poland, the Training Academies – Management Academy and Biedronka Management Academy, have been developing specific training programmes in leadership and talent development, tailor-made to the hierarchy, qualifications and experience of the participants.

In that country, training was targeted at the strategic area of Perishables, namely in the Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and Butcher’s categories, which had the support of a large team of trainers, where 37 thousand employees participated.

It should be highlighted that in 2016, an e-learning platform was implemented, which is an important means of support for the training strategy and for transmitting knowledge, where there are various advantages of being in digital format, such as providing content in the workplace, for example.

In Colombia, Ara TV, which was set up in 2015, is not only a communication channel but also an effective training tool, along with other educational tools that were introduced, including a revision of handbooks. Bakery was considered to be a priority area, which is why a competency centre was created and training in this ambit was reinforced.

In 2016, the investment in training led to a 35% increase in the total number of training sessions held, with a 52% growth in the training volume compared to the previous year. 67,063 training sessions were recorded, which corresponds to a volume of 3,954,810 training hours.