Personal Empowerment

Creating mechanisms for promoting professional and personal growth and development.
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Empowering the Individual Path

We believe that when employees are given the tools and opportunities to work towards their goals and control their destiny at work, the benefits are endless. Empowering employees is the ongoing process of providing the resources, encouragement and motivation they need to perform at the optimum level. We consider each career unique and an employee’s development journey should be an increasingly personalised experience based on self-awareness and individual accountability in defining their path.

employees underwent performance appraisal
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As at 31/12/2022

Potential and performance appraisal

Employees play an active role in the annual performance appraisal process, in accordance with corporate and local performance management policies, which follow the principles of meritocracy, non-discrimination and equal opportunity. By assessing objectives and competencies, team leaders share regular and individual feedback with their teams.

To follow and monitor talent within the organisation and anticipate next steps, potential assessment processes are also carried out.

Sukces(i)ja (You are the Success)

Biedronka’s employees identified as having progression potential voluntarily participated in the talent programme Sukces(i)ja (You are the Success), focusing on the self-development of learning agility, reinforcing self-knowledge, adaptation to change and networking.

Internal mobility

Along with providing employees with tools to grow and achieve their goals, we promote internal growth opportunities that challenge them to embrace new roles within the Group in different areas, Companies and/or countries.

employees changed roles, workplace or Company
employees on international mobility

As at 31/12/2022

Active participation

We invest in initiatives that give employees a voice. We do that through organisational climate surveys or through initiatives that encourage employees to play an active role in building business and to be our ambassadors.

Group-wide employee satisfaction survey

We regularly listen to employees through satisfaction surveys in order to collect their perceptions in critical dimensions. The last exercise was done in September 2022 and addressed topics related to engagement, empowerment and efficiency, diversity, equity and inclusion, manager relationship, communication, performance management, teamwork, growth and development, trust, vision and direction, and well-being.

Ambassador Programmes

Biedronka, Hebe and Ara have ambassador programmes, allowing employees to play an active role in building the reputation of their Companies. In the case of Biedronka and Hebe, ambassadors represent the brand on social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram, while at Ara, employees and their families are ambassadors of the Company’s products, promoting them through YouTube videos.
In total, these Companies have 154 ambassadors.

“My participation in the #WeBiedronka ambassador programme is an opportunity for further development in my area of expertise, and a chance to build a strong personal brand. From my perspective, the programme’s biggest advantage is being able to be a part of a team of ambassadors. We have been supporting and inspiring each other in creating content on LinkedIn for over a year now.”

Oskar Smerdzynski
Digital Communication Coordinator at Biedronka