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The safety and well-being of each one of our employees are key elements for the success of our operations.
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Health and Safety in the Workplace

We care about the health and safety of our employees. As such, we identify risk activities and adopt an approach to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases, by providing safe infrastructures and equipment, implementing procedures that improve safety and holding awareness campaigns focused on preventing risk behaviours.

The pandemic situation in 2020 enhanced our constant concern for the health and safety our people. As well as complying with all safety standards on risk prevention, we also put in place additional measures to support our employees and their families.

Protecting employees during the pandemic

Investment in protective equipment
16 M€

To mitigate risks and maintain the downward trend in the frequency rate of workplace accidents, in 2020 we provided more than 185,000 training hours in health and safety in the workplace (HSW) and carried out 3,000 emergency drills and 14,000 audits. These figures correspond to a 166%, 69% and 769% increase, respectively, mainly because of our increased response during the pandemic.


Biedronka has been certified to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard since 2010. From 2020, and in accordance with legislative changes, our Occupational Health and Safety Management System transitioned from the OHSAS 18001 standard to international standard ISO 45001 to ensure the integration of operational processes with legal and non-legal requirements related to safety in the workplace. This certification is valid for all workplaces, including stores, Distribution Centres, the soup factory, and offices.

Biedronkowa Akademia Zdrowia (Biedronka Health Academy) is a programme for preventing occupational diseases, directed at employees from the Distribution Centres and the head offices. From time to time, 47 physiotherapists teach employees how to prevent musculoskeletal problems. Labour gymnastics exercises are performed in Distribution Centres before work, while employees in the offices can receive massages in rooms fully equipped for that purpose.


We hold awareness-raising and prevention initiatives, offering training, for example, in driving transport and load lifting equipment, first aid, putting out fires, safely driving tractors, and helping to operate lift platforms for people.

In 2020, employees got actively involved in health and safety at work, namely in selecting personal protective equipment (PPE) and creating safer working environments by testing equipment and answering questionnaires.

The accident frequency rate decreased 23%. A detailed investigation of all workplace accidents, namely in critical sections such as the butcher’s and fish counters, and the worst performing stores in 2019, ensured the implementation of mitigation measures and raised the awareness of teams.


The Monteria Distribution Centre had 7,584 accident-free hours (316 days), the first to achieve this historical milestone in the Group’s history in Colombia. In 2020, the frequency rate decreased more than 40%.

To raise awareness of the importance of safety behaviour, of note is the “10 rules to save lives” campaign designed to promote a culture of health and safety in the workplace. In 2020, 280 employees participated in the initiative.

During the year, online training was provided so that all target-employees could attend mandatory courses on health and safety and prevention, including courses on road safety.

Independent Verification

Information on the Health and Safety in the Workplace indicators was confirmed by an external and independent entity for the Group’s 2020 Annual Report.