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The commitment of our employees is critical for the success of our operations. Therefore, we care about the safety and well-being of everyone.
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Health and Safety in the Workplace

We care about the well-being of our employees by providing safe infrastructures and equipment and by also holding safety awareness campaigns focused on introducing a culture of prevention when it comes to behaviours associated with workplace accidents and occupational illnesses.

Health examinations to our employees in 2018



Considering that the majority of workplace accidents occur due to unsafe behaviour, we develop initiatives fostering prevention and raising the awareness of the employees of the need to change their behaviour, especially the “Safety Meeting”, with the participation of the Safety Deputies.

The Alcohol and Drug Consumption Prevention programme was implemented in various workplaces, aiming to increase the level of our employees’ safety and that of others, to foster healthy day-to-day habits and help employees who are sick.

In Portugal, the opinion of all employees in Portugal was heard regarding the Occupational Health and Safety conditions, in order to obtain their participation in promoting a safer working environment.



Biedronka’s OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Systems certification, from Det Norske Veritas, makes the banner the only retailer in the Polish market to have been awarded this distinction, confirming its high level of operational safety.

Biedronkowa Akademia Zdrowia (Biedronka Health Academy) was developed, which is a programme for preventing occupational diseases, directed at employees from the Distribution Centres and the Head Offices. Periodically, 34 physical therapists gave training in occupational health and safety, teaching people how to avoid muscular-skeletal problems.

In the Distribution Centres, labour gymnastics exercises are performed prior to carrying out the tasks, and in the offices, employees can receive massages in rooms that are fully equipped for that purpose.

We recorded a decrease in the frequency and severity of workplace accidents, which reflects the implementation of a programme for preventing the most common causes of workplace accidents, known as the “3 Areas of Particular Hazard”: in-store movement, handling shopping carts and using cutlery.



We reduced the workplace accident frequency indicators due to implementing different programmes throughout the year, namely Ara Safe League, which spread greater awareness of the importance of adopting safe behaviour in the operations.

Of particular note was the employee training in important Health and Safety topics, namely mechanical hazards, working at height, safe operation procedures, chemical hazard and emergency management, among others.

An intervention plan, aimed at healthy lifestyles was also implemented, which includes activities related to health care and prevention. The 2nd edition of the Health Day also took place, which encouraged people to receive the flu vaccine and to donate blood.

Independent Verification

The data referring to Health and Safety in the workplace was verified by an external and independent auditor within the scope of the Group’s 2018 Annual Report.