Work-life Integration

Fostering alignment between individual and business needs and safeguarding employees’ holistic well-being.
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Integrating Work and Personal Context

We are aware of the demands inherent to the activities of our businesses, and we believe that happier people are more productive. As such, we are increasingly investing in initiatives that foster well-being, a good working environment and flexible ways of working globally and locally.

2 M€
investment in well-being measures in Portugal
check-ups and medical consultations in Poland

As at 31/12/2022

Our integrated approach to well-being

Irrespective of our roles or location, we all spend most of our days at work, which makes us eager to promote a workplace environment that is pleasant and that makes people feel comfortable and happy to come to work every day.


  • JM Clinic – general medicine, sleep consultations, smart ageing, among others;
  • Well-being Centre – gym, hairdresser, massages;
  • Prevention and Physical Rehabilitation Centre;
  • Telemedicine service;
  • Clinical Nutrition Programme;
  • Razem Zadbajmy o Zdrowie (Let’s Take Care of Health Together) – preventive examinations and medical consultations.


  • Mental Health programme (employees and children);
  • Spokojna Głowa (Calm Your Mind) – digital content on mental and physical resilience;
  • Mental Health Helpline.


  • Communities of interest – Crazy about Running, Crazy about Padel and Crazy about Creating;
  • Competitions and challenges – Jampions League, running/cycling for a donation to Biedronka’s Foundation;
  • Events – Well-being weeks and Santa Maria Manuela ship trips.

“The Prevention and Physical Rehabilitation Centre came to fill a need for those who work in a physically demanding environment and has helped to anticipate or solve physical problems that could worsen and leave employees in difficulties without it. We are very happy with this partnership, and we hope it will last for many years.”

Júlio Tímula
Centre Region Logistics Director at Pingo Doce

Awards and Recognitions

In Portugal, we won the Health and Well-being category in the HR Awards, we got the 3rd place in Well-being Awards by Workwell and were recognised as one of the healthiest workplaces by Portuguese Psychologists Association.