Work-life Integration

We encourage alignment between individual and business needs, safeguarding the overall well-being of employees.
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Integrating work and personal contexts

We realise how demanding our business is and believe that happier people are more productive. As such, we are increasingly committed to initiatives that promote well-being, a good working environment and flexible ways of working both globally and locally.

7.9 M€
Investment in well-being measures
Complementary medical exams in poland

As at 31/12/2023

Our integrated approach to well-being

Regardless of a person’s role or place of work, a large part of the day is spent carrying out a professional activity. It is therefore essential to ensure pleasant, comfortable working environments


  • JM Clinic – general medicine, sleep consultations, smart ageing, psychology, nutrition, nursing, physiotherapy, alternative therapies, among other services.
  • Well-being Centre – gym, hairdresser, massages and dermoaesthetic.
  • Prevention and physical rehabilitation centres.
  • Telemedicine service.
  • Clinical Nutrition Programme.
  • Razem Zadbajmy o Zdrowie (Let’s Take Care of Health Together) – preventive examinations and medical consultations.


  • Mental Health programme (for employees and children).
  • Spokojna Głowa (Peaceful Mind) – digital content relevant to mental and physical resilience.
  • Mindgram – digital content platform, online counselling and chat support.
  • Ara Contigo – mental health training and trauma crisis intervention programme.
  • Mental health helplines.


  • Communities of interest – Crazy about Running, Crazy about Padel, Crazy about Creating and Crazy about Cooking.
  • Competitions and challenges – Jampions League, running/cycling for cash donations to Biedronka’s Foundation.
  • Events – Well-being weeks and Santa Maria Manuela ship trips.

“The prevention and physical rehabilitation centre came to fill a need for those who work in a physically demanding environment and has helped to anticipate or solve physical problems that could worsen and leave employees in difficulties without it. We are very happy with this partnership, and we hope it will last for many years.”

Júlio Tímula
Centre Region Logistics Director at Pingo Doce

Razem zadbajmy o zdrowie (let's take care of health together)

The programme offers a package of complementary medical examinations, including vitamin D, morphological, hormonal and oncological tests. Employees at distribution centres and offices in Poland also have access to ultrasound scans of the abdomen, breast and thyroid, as well as consultations with specialists including nutritionists, dermatologists and oncology nurses.


Clinical nutrition programme

The aim of this programme is to promote healthy eating habits and ensure nutritional monitoring of employees with health problems, responding to identified needs in relation to obesity and diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidaemia (e.g. high cholesterol).

The programme is based on three main elements:

  • Nutrition counselling.
  • Literacy actions.
  • Modulation of the environment (e.g. healthy food options available in the workplace).

As at 31/12/2023

Awards and Recognitions

Our Clinical Nutrition programme was recognized as project of the year in Portugal by the Viver Saudável 2023 award for the Community Nutrition and Public Health category. We also received the awards for Best Wellness Program and Best Musculoskeletal Health Program by Workwell.

In Portugal, we were also recognised by the Internal Communication Observatory for our communication campaign for mental health, which aimed to fight the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness among employees about existing support services.