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Taking care of our own

We are constantly focused on the well-being of our employees and their respective families.
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Internal Social Responsibility

We continually invest in different Internal Social Responsibility (ISR) projects, which encompass three strategic pillars: Health, Education and Family Well-Being.

All initiatives and programs developed by Internal Social Responsibility are communicated to employees through multiple channels, namely internal sites.

In 2018, the Por Nós (For Us) website was launched, available to all employees in Portugal and totally dedicated to the actions developed by the Internal Social Responsibility area.

19.5 M€
Investment in ISR
1.8 M€
Free health check-ups
+ 3,800
School kits offered
+ 640,000 €
Invested in the Social Emergency Fund

As of 31/12/2018


Health is one of the areas we invest the most, and programmes are in place which make up for shortcomings in the National Health Services in both Portugal and Poland. In 2018, we invested over 1.8 million euros in this area.


In Portugal, the “SOS Dentist” Programme aims at helping employees with oral health issues who do not have the financial capacity to bear the entire cost of dental treatments.  After 4 editions, it has helped 3,345 employees.

Our “SOS Junior Dentist” Programme for our employees’ children has helped 107 boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 17 to complete their treatments.

Within the scope of the Mais Vida (More Life) programme, which was developed in partnership with Fundação Chapalimaud and the Portuguese Red Cross, we supported employees and their direct family members (spouses and children) suffering from cancer, through different topics, such as a second opinion consultation, transport for treatment, help at home and psychological support. This programme supported 45 families in 2018.

Through the “Special Families” program, we support families with children and young people with special needs, through complementary therapies (hydrotherapy and hippotherapy), home therapies (physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy) and caregiver support.

The Lusíadas Saúde protocol allows our employees and immediate family members (spouses and children) access to discounts in specialty consultations and to auxiliary diagnostic exams. Soon, it will be extended to the parents of employees and employees after retirement.


The “Razem Zadbajmy o Zdrowie” (Let’s Take Care of our Health Together) programme has provided 3,143 employees with free health screenings in 2018, accompanied by an educational programme and other activities to keep in shape.

A special edition of the Wyzwanie Sportowe Biedronki (Biedronka Racing and Cycling Challenge) was held in association with the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the reconquest of the independence of Poland.

The “Mali Bohaterowie” (Little Heroes) programme is intended for employees whose children suffer from serious health problems or who are disabled, providing financial assistance for the purchase of medicines, medical services, personal care products and equipment. rehabilitation centres or even for participation in rehabilitation centres. 228 children received support.

In addition to support for sports activities, employees have access to more than 4,000 gyms and sports facilities throughout the country through Karta Multisport (Multi-sport Card).



Education is also a strategic pillar for Jerónimo Martins. As such, we continued to invest in programmes which could make a difference in the lives of our employees and, in 2018, approximately 1.5 million euros were invested in this pillar.

In Portugal, we continued the “Scholarship” programme, which is for employees and their children who, despite not having the financial resources, wish to enrol or re-enrol in higher education. We granted 103 scholarships for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The “Back to School” programme includes a set of measures to support our families, especially the school kit, which was offered to 794 children who first went to school, as well as discounts and special conditions for the payment of textbooks and school supplies. Manuals are given free of charge to large families on low incomes.

For almost a decade the Group has developed Holiday Camps for children between 6 and 17 years old, promoting activities related to sport, education, art or culture, in residential and non-residential regimes. We highlight the “Adventure in England” initiative which, in addition to a course taught by native teachers, includes sightseeing and cultural visits.

In Poland, the Wakacje z Biedronką / Hebe (Holidays with Biedronka/Hebe) programme includes various activities and seeks to develop creativity and widen the interests of children between the ages of 8 and 13. For the children of our employees between the ages of 14 and 17, we developed the Hello Biedronka /Hebe (Hello Biedronka/Hebe) programme, during which participants attend an English course with native teachers. More than 1,260 children attended our holiday camps in Poland.

Through the “To School with Biedronka” programme in Poland, we pay for part of the  the cost of school books for the children of employees with financial difficulties. In 2018, we offered school kits to the 3,034 who started their schooling and made more than 134,000 euros available on pre-paid cards, supporting a total of 7,529 children.


Family Well-Being

In 2018, the Group invested over 16.2 million euros in Family Well-Being.

In Portugal, the “Social Emergency Fund”, established since 2011, aims at helping employees with proven financial difficulties or those who are living in an at-risk social or family situation. The work carried out with our employees and their families is supported by social workers who ensure an effective, fast and professional response.

In 2018, we supported 726 employees through the Social Emergency Fund (Fundo de Emergência Social), investing 640 thousand euros, divided between the areas of food, health, education, legal advice and financial guidance.

In Poland, through the Możesz Liczyć na Biedronką (You Can Count on Biedronka), we support employees who are in financial difficulties or who have been affected by natural disasters such as fires and floods. In 2018, financial aid was provided to 9,000 employees.

The “Biedronka dla Seniora” (Biedronka Seniors’) programme is for retired employees who are having financial difficulties due to no longer being employed. In 2018, 44 former employees received aid.

Upholding the spirit of unity and sharing over the Christmas period, and commemorating International Children’s Day, we offered more than 129.5 thousand gifts to our employees in Portugal and in Poland. We also wanted to contribute towards the first few months of the lives of our employees’ children and offered over 4,436 Baby Kits in these two countries.