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Taking care of our own

We are constantly focused on the well-being of our employees and their respective families.
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Internal Social Responsibility

We continually invest in different Internal Social Responsibility (ISR) projects, which cover three strategic pillars: Health, Education and Family Well-Being.

Investment in ISR
16,6 M€
Free health check-ups
School kits offered

As of 31/12/2016


In 2016, we maintained the “SOS Dentist” programme, which aims to support employees with lower incomes with the burden of their dental treatment and to promote oral health, thereby contributing towards an improvement to their quality of life. There were 1,500 enrolments and 678 employees concluded their treatment.

Despite the improvement seen over the last few years, Portugal is still classified as country of moderate severity as far as childhood tooth decay is concerned, which is why the “SOS Junior Dentist” Programme was launched, which is for employees’ children aged from 7 to 17. 500 children joined and 279 had check-ups.

In Poland, the “Let’s Take Care of Our Health Together” programme enabled around 3,500 employees to have more than 17,500 free health check-ups, and new diagnostic specialities were introduced.

The “Programme for Supporting Children with Special Medical Needs” was also maintained, which includes access to medication, rehabilitation, surgery, psychological help for the families and participation in holiday camps for rehabilitation for those with autism and physical disabilities. In 2016, 200 employees received financial support to cover medical expenses and 70 children participated in holiday camps.


In Portugal, we maintained the “Scholarship” programme, which is for employees and their children who, despite not having the financial means, wish to enrol or re-enrol in higher education. We attributed 90 scholarships for the 2016/2017 academic year, while 332 scholars have already benefited since its launch.

Within the scope of the “Back-to-School” campaign, in Portugal and in Poland, we distributed over 4,300 school kits to our employees’ children who started the 1st year of Primary School.

Also in Poland, we carried on with the “To School with Biedronka” programme, whereby we made a financial contribution towards the cost of school books for children of employees with economic difficulties. This measure covered around 2,700 families.

Around 2,500 children participated in our “Summer Holiday Camps” in Portugal and in Poland. The “Holiday Camp in England” also welcomed 120 employees’ children from both countries.


In Portugal, we supported 783 employees through the “Social Emergency Fund”, investing 560 thousand euros, divided between the areas of food, health, education, legal advice and financial guidance. This Fund counts on the professional follow-up by 5 social workers, thereby ensuring a rapid and efficient response, on the one hand, and a more assertive response to the more critical cases. In 2016, we monitored 404 cases.

In Poland, we supported more than 4,300 employees in economic difficulties, through the programme “You can Count on Biedronka”, and we implemented a pre-paid card for financial support to employees. Besides that, we created a new external portal especially for those without access to a computer in their workplace, so that they can find every information about the Internal Social Responsibility programmes.

Upholding the spirit of unity and sharing over the Christmas period, and commemorating Children’s Day, we distributed around 117 thousand presents among our employees in Portugal and in Poland. In addition, as we want to contribute towards the first few months in the life of our employees’ children, we offered over 4,600 Baby Kits in these two countries.