Promoting a diverse and cohesive workforce, where equal opportunities and talent recognition are ensured at all levels.
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Living diversity

As an international Group with more than 134,000 people, we embrace diversity as an intrinsic part of our way of being and a guiding principle for our actions. We believe that respecting and valuing employees’ differences leads to collective benefits, allowing us to achieve sustainable and lasting success.

different nationalities
generations in the workforce

As at 31/12/2023


Gender equality is encouraged through the establishment of policies, implementation of internal improvements and active participation in its promotion, reinforcing meritocracy in professional development.

Gender Equality

See our 2023/2024 Gender Equality Plan.

management positions held by women
gender pay ratio

As at 31/12/2023

Our approach to gender equality

  1. Formalising policies and procedures.
  2. Monitoring gender indicators.
  3. Facilitating a work, personal and family life integration.
  4. Empowering and raising awareness within and outside the Group.

Forums and Working Groups

We have strengthened our relationships with organisations that aim to promote gender equality:

  • We are part of the LEAD network, which aims to promote diversity in leadership, particularly among women.
  • We participate in the SDG 5 Gender Equality Working Group organised by GRACE – Responsible Companies.
  • We are part of the Promova programme, developed by CIP – Confederação Empresarial de Portugal and Nova SBE, to promote gender equality and encourage the promotion of more women to top management positions through executive mentoring.

“I’ve been with the group for six years and I’ve never felt any inequality between men and women, I feel that there is recognition for both. There’s no doubt that the life of a woman of my generation is much more difficult than that of a man, but that’s because of the society we live in and our mentality. In this respect, the Promova project is extremely important for the empowerment of women. Coaching is the added value of this development programme, as it helps us to better understand how we – women and professionals – can grow within organisations. The big challenge now is to reach the new generations, regardless of their gender”.

Marta Moreira
Operations Quality Executive Director


We promote generational diversity in our workforce, recruiting people of different ages, skills and professional backgrounds. We have five generations working together and have several programmes that encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience about the business.

Campus Ambassador

It assigns young university students the role of ambassadors for the Group, while providing them with a view of the food retail reality and useful skills for their professional future.

Summer Internship

It gives students or recent graduates the opportunity to work in a real business environment, build networks of professional contacts and improve their skills.


Designed for those who want to make a difference, it is a two-year training and development programme. The trainee programme provides access to career opportunities and helps prepare future leaders.

Focus On People Aged +55

With a focus on bringing generations together, we have created job opportunities for people of all ages. In 2023, for example, we hired 735 people over the age of 55.

In Portugal, we launched the second edition of the “Easter at Pingo Doce” initiative, which gives family members of employees over 55 the opportunity to try a new professional experience for a short period of time. Participants were mainly placed in the replenishment and storefront areas.


Biedronka was distinguished at the HRM Institute’s Employer Branding Excellence Awards and won third place in the Employer Branding category at Złote Spinacze, the most prestigious public relations competition in Poland.