Lifelong Learning

Embracing the learning and development of our employees from a lifelong perspective.
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Preparing for the Future

Our mission is not only to train our employees to excel in the performance of their duties, but also to equip them with the necessary tools, preparing them to live and work in an increasingly demanding environment, within the Group and in the multiple dimensions of their lives.

18 M€
investment in training
7.3 M
Training Hours

As at 31/12/2022


Our leadership culture is anchored in a set of Values that challenge us to raise the bar, count on each other and believe in doing the right thing. We are committed to provide the necessary tools to enable leaders development in all organisational levels.


The individual development of leaders is critical. That’s why since 2018 we have a fully customised leadership programme designed in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). Its value proposition is based on differentiated training paths that include in-room sessions, individual coaching sessions, and the participation in working groups focused on networking and sharing experiences.


As at 31/12/2022


We are committed to ensuring that our employees have the appropriate training throughout their careers and focused on their duties. This way, they will be equipped with all the tools they need to become better professionals and to excel.

employees trained in perishables
employees trained in new store processes

As at 31/12/2022


In 2022 we created the first fully online degree course in Commercial and Retail Management, in partnership with Católica University. The main goal is to prepare future professionals for the distribution sector and with a special focus on food distribution.

It will be made available to the general public in the 2023/24 academic year.

Self-development platforms

The digital transformation and the evolution of employees’ expectations are transforming the way people learn. Therefore, to provide the proper answer to this new context, we make online learning platforms available to all employees.


The digital platform EducAction is our primary global learning tool. It is available in the three countries where we are present, providing access to training content at any time and from any device.

materials available

As at 31/12/2022