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We seek to ensure a working environment with high levels of commitment, engagement, motivation and standards of conduct.
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Principles and Values

National and international human and labour rights legislation and the respective guidelines issued by the United Nations and the World Labour Organisation are the main guiding principles of our actions.

We forbid any practice of direct or indirect discrimination and foster a culture of justice and meritocracy, promoting a healthy and balanced working environment. The Group’s actions are based on the principles of respect and dignified treatment of each individual, both in recruitment and selection processes and in professional development and performance evaluation.

We also seek to prevent the risks of child labour and forced labour. The rights of indigenous peoples are not, in any form, put at risk by our activity.

In order to allow more simplified access to the applicable legislation in this area, we have established the Labour Fundamental Guidelines, a document that highlights the appreciation of diversity, the prevention of child and/or forced labour, the right to fair remuneration, the right to a safe and healthy environment, the right to privacy and personal/family life, and the right to rest, among others.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is made known to all employees, reflecting the principles and ethical values that guide the Group’s stance and decisions when doing business and in our relations with other stakeholders.


We are committed to fighting all forms of corruption directly or indirectly associated with the various elements that comprise our supply chain, requiring transparency and integrity in the relationship between the different stakeholders. The Anti-corruption Policy establishes zero tolerance for any form of corruption, influence peddling, accepting undue advantages or paying any benefits that violate the Code of Conduct or the legal provisions in force in each country.


We value the diversity of skills and profiles of our people and we are committed to the principle of equality and non-discrimination based on gender or any other criteria, believing in equal access to opportunities for personal and professional development based on merit.

Employee Service

The relationship with our employees is based on trust and proximity. Through our Employee Service, available in all geographies, we allow the access to a privileged, confidential, independent and impartial communication channel.

Thus, we guarantee the existence of a central platform for labour issues, complaints, and requests for social support, and we ensure quick and efficient responses to employees, seeking to contribute to the maintenance of healthy working environments and greater employee engagement with the Group.

In Poland, our employees also have a Committee to Fight Mobbing and Sexual Harassment and, in Colombia, the Committee for Labour Coexistence.

Independent Verification

The data referring to minimum notice periods regarding operational changes and employee training on Human Rights policies or procedures was verified by an external and independent auditor within the scope of the Group’s 2020 Annual Report.