Health and Safety

Protecting employees from injuries and professional diseases, through a deeply rooted culture of health and safety.
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Protecting through the Best Work Conditions

We are constantly reinforcing our efforts and investments in health and safety at work (HSW), guaranteeing the needed personal protective equipment and expanding systems that comprehensively assess workplace conditions, promoting the continuous improvement of our internal processes. Preventing workplace accidents and occupational diseases, particularly in operations, where there is a greater risk and potential impact on the well-being of employees and the business, is a constant concern.

6.7 M€
investment in health and safety at work
decrease in the work-related injuries frequency index

As at 31/12/2022

Risk control measures

From a prevention point of view, besides investing in work equipment, personal protection and self-protection measures, of note is our commitment to raising awareness about safety hazards and safe practices through training and communication for employees, as well as through programmes to promote their health.

employees trained in health and safety at work
medical examinations

As at 31/12/2022

Safety Brigades at Recheio

Besides safety technicians and delegates, between two and three employees per Recheio store are also trained and participate in activities that raise awareness of HSW-related topics. Eemployees who are part of the “Safety Brigades” change every two years so as to cover as many store employees as possible. Among other responsibilities, these brigades are in charge of welcoming new employees, ensuring that they attend HSW training.

Occupational health and safety management system

With a view to the continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system, we ensure audits and drills, incidents/accidents investigation, consults and the involvement of employees.

Our Approach

Audits and drills – we identify and analyse the factors that can lead to incidents/accidents and verify the implementation of self-protection measures.

Investigation of incidents/accidents – we ensure analysis and investigations to determine the facts, circumstances and possible causes in order to identify the respective corrective measures.

Employee consultation and involvement – we promote an annual HSW survey, organise regional health and safety teams and establish Health and Safety Committees.

Certified occupational health and safety systems

At Biedronka, HSW efforts are underpinned by an ISO 45001:2018 certified occupational health and safety system. This certification is valid for all workplaces (stores, distribution centres, the soup factory and offices).

In Portugal, the Terra Alegre dairy farm (Jerónimo Martins Agro-Alimentar) was also certified to this standard.

people covered

As at 31/12/2022