Compensation and Benefits

Following fairness, meritocracy and competitiveness principles in compensation and in the recognition of our employees.
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Recognising Fairly and Competitively

We know how important it is to offer the right level of compensation and benefits to attract new talent and retain and motivate our employees.

289 M€
investment in recognition measures
increase in the investment in recognition measures

As at 31/12/2022

Fixed retribution

Our compensation strategy is based on the following elements:

  • We establish entry-level salaries above the national minimum wages.
  • We add monthly supplements to the base salary, resulting in a higher minimum monthly income.
  • We promote seniority policies.


Minimum monthly income between 21% and 61% above the national minimum wage.


Minimum monthly income between 15% and 26% above the national minimum wage.


Minimum monthly income 39% above the national minimum wage.

Recognition mechanisms

We invest in variable remuneration and other recognition mechanisms as a way to reward the performance and contribution of our employees. This investment has increased every year.

93 M€
invested in performance bonuses and EXTRAORDINARY AWARDS
146 M€
invested in sales performance bonuses, non-absence awards and others

As at 31/12/2022

“We have been working to seek new ways to reward that are more personalised and suited to the needs of each person, valuing not only performance, but also commitment, effort and loyalty, which are not always obvious in day-to-day work.”

Marcelo Teixeira Duarte
Compensation and Benefits Senior Manager at Jerónimo Martins SGPS