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We are committed to the development, recognition and well-being of our people.
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Talent Management

We are aware of the challenges facing modern labour markets, in which the transition to digital is becoming increasingly important.

Welcome diversity

The talent attraction and selection teams analyse profiles impartially regarding gender, age and origin, approaching diversity as a competitive advantage.

New generations

We have five generations working together in multidisciplinary teams that bring together people of different ages and backgrounds. We invest in programmes for the timely identification of young people with potential before they enter the job market.

Retail Dive In

This programme offers young graduates and Master’s degree holders a long-term development plan, including allocation to two functional areas, a tutor and a mentor to help guide their next career steps.


This programme gives students or young graduates the opportunity to work in a real work environment, build a network of business contacts, and develop projects that improve their skills.

Equality among men and women

We believe in equal access to personal and professional development opportunities based on merit, regardless of gender.

In 2020, we joined Target Gender Equality, a programme designed for the United Nations Global Compact members to accelerate gender equality in companies and promote women’s empowerment. In 2021, we measured our strengths and needs for action (using the Women’s Empowerment Principles Gender Gap Analysis Tool). We increased our score to 68% – compared to a 30% global average and 34% European average.

For the second consecutive year, the Group has been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. In 2022 we obtained an overall score of 71.6%, corresponding to an improvement of 6.8 p.p. compared to the previous year.

Our compensation and benefits policies also reflect our commitment to gender equality. The Group has an overall gender pay gap ratio of 97.6% (where 100% indicates there is no pay gap), standing above 96% in all the countries where we operate.

Gender Equality

See our 2021/2022 Gender Equality Plan.

Include Disadvantaged People

The Group pays special attention to supporting the most disadvantaged groups of society (people with disabilities, migrants and refugees) and promotes opportunities for access to the job market. In 2021, and within the scope of the Include Programme and the Search Project, 149 people were hired.

Our people

Find out how to be part of a team of over 123,000 employees.

Empower for the future

Investment in the development of our employees implies continued investment in training and encouraging lifelong learning.


To ensure the sustained growth of our businesses, we invest in the continuous training of our people, regardless of their function or country.

5.6 million
Training hours
Training initiatives

As at 31-12-2021

45 hours
Average training hours per employee

Training in perishables, an important area for our business, is provided through the Jerónimo Martins Training School in Portugal and the Biedronka Perishables School in Poland. In 2021, more than 11,000 Pingo Doce and Recheio employees and around 21,000 Biedronka employees received training in perishables.

There are specific training programmes to develop and improve new skills, such as the Biedronka Business Academy (in partnership with the Warsaw School of Economics) and the Pingo Doce District Managers Schools.

Strengthen individual journey and expression

Employees’ professional development is critical in achieving the Group’s strategic goals. Each career is considered unique, and employee development is a personalised experience based on self-knowledge and accountability.

Potential and performance appraisal

The Performance Management Cycle encompasses all Group employees in all Companies. This policy aims at the sustained improvement of employee performance by aligning individual contributions with the strategic goals of each Company.


Mobility is one of the tools for employees’ professional development and growth. In 2021, 53,952 employees changed roles, workplace or Company, and 50 employees saw international mobility.  In 2021, 17,426 employees were promoted to roles with greater responsibility.

A fair and competitive recognition

The Group follows a competitive pay policy, fostering a culture of meritocracy and recognition.

217 M€
Bonuses awarded to employees
Employees receiving performance and extraordinary bonuses

As at 31-12-2021

National minimum wage

In 2021, the Group increased the difference between company minimum wages and national minimum wages, ensuring alignment with its employees’ needs.

  • Portugal: between 2% and 20% above the national minimum wage.
  • Poland:  can be up to 9% above the national minimum wage, and when adding the non-absence award, salary can be between 16% and 29% higher than the national minimum wage.
  • Colombia: 29% higher than the national minimum wage and regular allowances that can result in increases of between 9% and 20% of the base value.

The pay policies envisage salary increases after just one year of seniority. Employees also have a benefits package – life, health and personal accident insurance when travelling – based on their role, regardless of their workload.

Work-life balance

The Jerónimo Martins Group seeks to promote the well-being of its employees and to accompany market trends in relation to flexible working hours and adopting a more balanced lifestyle.

In Poland, the Biedronkowa Akademia Zdrowia (Biedronka Health Academy) is for employees in distribution centres and central structures and includes sessions for avoiding musculoskeletal problems. In the distribution centres, labour gymnastics exercises are performed prior to the tasks, and in the offices, employees can receive massages in rooms equipped for that purpose.

In Portugal, we have invested around 150 thousand euros in a Rehabilitation and Prevention Centre, which serves 400 employees from the Azambuja distribution centre. The employees in the central offices benefit from the Wellbeing Centre and the Clínica Jerónimo Martins, with resources such as general medicine, complementary therapies and nutrition.

Independent Verification

Information on employee training and compensation, including transition support programmes, was confirmed by an external and independent entity for the Group’s 2021 Annual Report.