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We protect the rights and expectations of our consumers through the Customer Ombudsman Office with impartiality, neutrality, independence and confidentiality.
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Customer Ombudsman Office

We value the relationships of trust and proximity we have with our customers. Since 2005 the Jerónimo Martins Customer Ombudsman Office has represented and protected the rights of the more than four million customers who visit our food distribution and specialised retail stores every day.

The Customer Ombudsman Office is the last resort for assessing and resolving complex and structural situations that were not addressed by the traditional customer service channels, such as the stores or the Customer Support Services.

Visit the Customer Ombudsman Office website, where you can directly report your situation.

Customer Ombudsman Office in detail


Learn more about the mission and approach of the Customer Ombudsman Office.


Sara Lopes Maia is the Jerónimo Martins Group Customer Ombudsman.


Find out the requirements and steps involved to report your situation.

Contact us

Contact the Customer Ombudsman Office through the available channels.

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